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Tales From The Darkside: "A Serpent's Tooth"


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Hey all cool.png I was watching a mini-marathon of Tales From The Darkside on Chiller, when this one episode titled A Serpent's tooth came on. It's about this mother who's trying to make her kids (who are in their early 20's btw) listen to her so they can have successful lives, but they pretty much blow her off every time she opens her mouth. Mom's friend named Myron (who is apparently a wizard or collector of magical artifacts, something like that) gives her a necklace with a serpents tooth that makes whatever she says come true.

Anyway, there's a scene where the mom is dusting and her son sneezes, which she accounts to him studying too hard and claims he's catching a cold, after which he does and starts sneezing non-stop. I counted at least 10, probably more. There's some stuffy talk, tissues, and the sneezes were pretty well acted in my opinion..drool.gif


(sneezing starts around 8:00)


(there's about 2 sneezes at 0:30)

Hope y'all enjoy! wink.png

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Those were pretty good~! And so many @w@ GREAT FIND~! <3

But that mom is freaky as heck LOL

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Those are very well acted! clapping.gif I always commend an actor that really makes an effort instead resulting to the plain old "achoo!" Everyone knows what it feels and sounds like to sneeze. It's not that hard to replicate!

Thanks for sharing!

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