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Boy Meets World, sneezing and seeing the future


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I can't believe I had forgotten about this episode. To those of you who are not enlightened, this is the greatest show of all time. And when I was little, you can imagine how excited I got over this episode.

Season 7 Episode 18, Eric hits his head and seems to gain a superpower in which he sneezes and then sees the future. There are multiple sneezes throughout the episode, all of which are pretty funny and not terribly acted.

Part 1:


Sneezes around 4:24, 4:47, 5:35, 6:23

Part 2:


2:20-3:12 Has 3 sneezes, pepper, and some funny sneeze quips

Part 3:


One around 1:28 and another around 5:56

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*purrs* Oh goodness *O* thank you for letting me see this! I was just talking about this with my sister so now I'm kind of ecstatic about seeing this. This is wonderful <3

I remember my twin sis and I watched an episode or two last weekend and we had a huge discussion about it. The guy who plays Eric is also the voice of Ron Stoppable from "Kim Possible", so that's a little bonus. ;)

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Oh my God, I love that episode. That episode is the reason I bought this BMW season, instead of the others, even though it's hardly my favorite overall. But I love Eric (and I always loved him as Ron Stoppable too ^ :D) . And I remember when I first saw this episode, I remember freaking out, and just getting so excited, especially since all the scenes were between him and Jack, whom I also loved. So yeah. I love that they did that.

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