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Does Anyone Know Any Dark, Creepy Monologues?


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Well, I have an acting audition coming up at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, and apparently I need a monologue. It's supposed to be a part of 'us' and they will be judging our personality on it. It will also help them cast us for the play. I'm kind of a creepy person, and I love coming across as one. I ADORE the Hannibal series, Stephen King, Nightmare on Elm Street, and my father worked at a haunted house called The Haunting of *insert hometown here*. I'm considering Cold Blooded Murder by Penn Wilson. It kind of reminds me of Jeff the Killer though. Which is weird. Because I don't like his picture. He's rather ugly. Does anyone here have any ideas for creepy monologues? It can't be Shakespeare though.

Thanks in advance everyone :)

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How long does it have to be? If you love Stephen King, you've probably read Misery. Annie Wilkes says a few pretty disturbing things. Maybe you could use one of hers?

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