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Sneezing whilst hiding


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I remember a while ago ( back when i was a lurker) there was a list of tv shows, films, cartoons etc of characters sneezing whilst hiding, i couldn't find the list anywhere so i thought maybe we should start a new one :D as i know a lot of people like this.

Here's my first contribution, Dungeons and Dragons episode P-R-E-S-T-O spells disaster @ 4:49-4:51 1 from male character Eric

hope this works ( first time linking vids)


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I think it would be great to have a list of stuff like this. It would definitely help people with certain preferences find what they're interested in.

Unfortunately I don't really have any sneezing while hiding material of my own, but I'll keep my eyes out for some.

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Thanks :)

And here's another one, from the original Doctor Who series ( back in the 60's so black & white)

1 Female the sneeze is at 09:27 but the fun starts at 09:13 :)

By the way- you don't have to post links to vids, stories etc :)


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Usually you can find scooby doo episodes with scooby or another one of the gang sneezing whilst hiding

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