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Hey everyone as you can see I'm a newbie, so hopefully I can get the phrasing down to describe what I thought was a great obs. So I was on a date a guy I met in class this past semester, we were watching an outdoor movie and as the night progressed you could tell that his allergies were getting worse as we sat outside longer. It had gone from the occasional sniffle to frequent wet congested sniffles, some sneezing and a lot of nose wiping. At the end of the night we went upstairs to his room to chat and throughout the conversation he kept tossing in comments like "ugh stupid dose" and "blowing's not even helping". Eventually he excused himself and said that he needed to go wash the pollen off of his face, and in my head a part of me was like oh just leave it there. The best part in my mind was when we were snuggling a bit and mid kiss he whispers to me in a sniffly voice "im so stuffed up I wish I could breathe through my dose right now." That about melted me. Too bad nothing became of it and we're not the right people for each other, but at least we're still friends.

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