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Pronouncing the Words in Your Head When Reading Fiction or Obs (or something else, I don't know)


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This came to mind this time as I was trying to catch up with a roleplay. There's mentioned that this one woman has a stuffy nose, so of course I read her lines stuffyfied.

But I don't leave it to her lines only, no... I, once again, strated reading everything like that... It really gets a bit irritating. xD

So... I just started to wonder if you people do that?


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I don't necessarily do it with stuffy voices (mostly because I don't like them much, so I end up changing it back to normal talking ^^; ), but when I read things that note certain people speaking in accents, I read their dialogue in an accent, and then continue like that. Especially if there's just been about 10 lines of them speaking. Or Harry Potter, where everyone has an accent to me, so I start reading it and then have to make sure I don't speak that way afterwards. XD

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Oh I sort of hear stuffy-talk, but I hardly ever write it out in stuffy talk because I don't understand it in text; I can't read it.

With other things, such as accents, I have an excellent sound memory; if I quote someone I hear exactly how they said it, and this often translates into me actually quoting them in their own accent. Can be embarrassing sometimes, yeah...

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I tend not to hear stuffy-talk unless it's written down or I focus and try really hard to hear it. I will try to hear it, because I enjoy stuffy talk. I don't usually write it though, because it becomes awkward after a while, and when I do I try to have it be subtle...just "m's become b's, n's become d's"...that sort of thing.

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