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Alrighty guys! These obs were just too great to not tell all of you! I've written a few previous obs about my boyfriend, M. Another quick description, he's 5'11", dark shaved hair, brown eyes, a little stubble on his chin and the cutest crooked smile ever! M isn't a very sneezy guy; only sneezing singles once every like 3 days dry.png . But I've managed to get quite a few out of him via pepper tonguesmiley.gif . Here's what went down a few days ago that I'm still glowing about smile.png :

M and I were laying on my bed talking after a swim in the lake near my house. The pollen counts in my town were crazy high which had been making him sniffle a bit; nothing more. But as we're laying there and time progressed, I could hear his voice become more congested and he started rubbing his nose more often. I asked him if he was okay and he assured me he was fine being the typical boy and not admitting it rolleyes.gif . After my nagging, he finally admitted his nose was just stuffy. Then the lightbulb went off in my head. You see, M and I have previously discovered that inducing with pepper is a good way to clear up his congestion (You can imagine the fun I've had with that happy.png ). I then grabbed the pepper from my nightstand and held it to him, ordering him to sniff it. He declinded, saying "No, I'm fine". I protested, holding the pepper up to his nose. He then gave in and took a deep sniff. He quickly exclaimed "Oh god! The tickling again!" before rubbing his nose furiously. It seemed the rubbing made the tickle deepen and quickly spread in his nose. He tilted his head back, lips slightly parting, with eyes squinted, revealing the most beautiful pre-sneeze face. As he let the feeling take over, he brought his shirt about 4 inches from his face, his breath started to hitch about 5 desperate breaths (more than I'd ever witnessed from him) like, "Heh... heehh.. hiih.. ohh n- hiihh, hih.." before letting out a forceful "Heeh- sheeeEW" into the collar of his shirt. He lay back down, releasing a sigh and pulling me close. I apologized and started kissing him but about 4 seconds later he pulled away and repeated the process. Lips parted and eyes squeezed shut, his breath hitched more. "Hiih.. hih... oh g-god, it... hiiih... t-tick-... hiih.. tickles.. hih.. s-so much... hiih-Heeh-shEEWW" putting a higher-pitched emphisis on the "eew" part. I could feel his whole body quiver next to me with the force of it. He kissed me on theforehead, saying, "Thanks baby, I could breathe now.". wub.png And that was the end of it.

He is absolutely wonderful and I had to share it with you or else I'd feel too quilty tongue.png. Hope you enjoyed it! biggrin.png

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Oh dear sweet lord... :boom:

That is GORGEOUS. That desperate hitching buildup is the greatest part of a good sneeze, and in a tickly, congested guy just desperate to clear his poor nose... GUH. Keep us posted on any further developments! ;)

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