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My Girlfriend and I, *almost* simultaneously.


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I was hanging out with babe earlier tonight. We watched Hairspray (lol) at her house and cuddled/fooled around. I had taken Claritin this morning in anticipation of her two cats, which I'm allergic to, but apparently the supposed 24-hour relief is not as long as advertised. After a short while at her house, my nose got itchy and stuffy, and I had to sneeze a few times. The first was a harsh "Heh-EHSHOO!" (for which GF quickly got out some tissues for me wub.png), and later a strange, monosyllabic "Schooo!"

Now, GF has seasonal allergies, which are apparently bothering her more this year than they ever had before. Still, and despite countless noseblowing obses, I'd only seen her sneeze once in the entire time I've known her. Tonight was finally number two, but that's only half the fun! wink.png

She'd been sniffling more than usual all night, and I really do hope she feels better soon, whether it is her allergies, or a random cold, or what. She's not even sure. But at one point tonight, I started feeling a third sneeze come on. At the same time, GF grabbed 2 tissues from the box on the coffee table in front of us. It's a cute habit she has, always taking 2 tissues instead of one. But since I always see her do that to blow her nose, I wasn't thinking she'd sneeze, at first. In fact, since I was dealing with my own tickly nose, I saw this and thought, "Hey, I should maybe sneeze into a tissue instead of my hands or sleeve." heh.gif So I grabbed one tissue after she took her second one, and I brought it to my face and sneezed. "Heh-EHchoo!" or something like that. As I sneezed, I finally thought, wait, maybe GF's sneezing too! And no sooner had I finished my sneeze and turned to my right to watch her, did she sneeze rather forcefully into her 2 tissues. "Heh-ESHH!" is the best spelling I can do, it was sort of cough-like but not really, if you know what I mean? And I didn't hear it too well cause I was still recovering from my own sneeze. tonguesmiley.gif Also, I say "rather forcefully" because my only other obs from her (ergo, my only point of reference) was the same sound, but medium-quiet and slightly more muffled into her sleeve. A sleeve absorbs more sound than tissue paper, I suppose (yes, even TWO tissues!), and her sneeze tonight was medium-loud. Which was very, very nice to hear. smile.png <3

So yes, now we've both sneezed almost at the same time! I actually had mixed feelings about this! Even though I was ecstatic to finally get to see her sneeze again (and for the first time since I told her about my fetish), I was actually a bit disappointed that I had to sneeze right before her! It was like I was in the way, lol. But honestly, it's also one of the cutest things ever, I've always thought about sneezing at the exact same time as my partner someday, and to come that close already was the best. blushing.gif Of course, we both laughed about it and said how cute that was and how cute we are together, and since she knows about my fetish she knew it turned me on too. smile.png

So that's my rambling observation of the day! I hope you all had as fantastic days as I did today! Take care, and hope you enjoyed reading! smile.png

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Great observation, I always enjoy reading yours

Did you both bless each other?

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Ooh, how lovely :D what a delicious little moment for you two. This obs makes me happy. :) Thanks for sharing!

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@elements Aww, thank you smile.png

@Hankysneeze Thank you! Btw, what's PBS mean in this context? xD

@Joal 555 Thank you sir! Oh yes, I forgot to mention that part! After her sneeze we looked at each other, and I said "Bless you!" and she said "Thank you! *quick pause* and bless you too!" The quick pause because we were still taking in the cuteness of the situation biggrin.png and I said "Thank you too!"

@Maru-chan Thanks Maru! I'm glad it made you happy smile.png It made me happy too! laughing.gifsmile.png

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Aww, that is so nice...makes me feel a bit glow-y inside. :)

It's a fantasy of mine to get a cold with my significant other and be sneezing at the same time or thereabouts together...*sigh of longing*

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