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Mako - LoK (Again)


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The Legend of Korra thread over in the Stories section is so awesome, I couldn't resist drawing another silly picture of Mako. Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far to that thread. It's the stuff of LEGEND~ (Lol!) yay.gif

* * * *

"You know, you're not gonna get better if you keep going to work," Bolin said flatly. He watched Mako as his older brother moved through the room Tenzin had lent them, pulling on his coat and scarf with a sodden handkerchief clutched in one hand. "You need to take a day off. You need to rest --"

"Ad you need to ged a job if you wad me to stob workig." Mako paused, sniffed wetly, and pressed the back of one hand to his sore nose. "Sorry, Gorra. I forgod id was Bonday. We'll bractice whed I ged hobe."

Korra shook her head, worry clear on her face. "Mako, Bolin's right. You shouldn't be practicing or working, you should be in bed. We won't kick you out or anything --"

"I cad jus' sid here," Mako said, cutting her off. "Loog, you dunno whad i's like. I wo'd stay log, promise. I'll come straight... strai...uh.. HE-CHSH! HE-chmf!" The second sneeze went into the almost-useless handkerchief, leaving Bolin and Korra staring at their team-mate's hunched form in dismay. Coughing, Mako straightened up. He glanced at them, averted his eyes and hurriedly left, another sneeze echoing back to the other two from the hallway.

"... your brother's kind of stubborn," Korra said once Mako's footsteps -- and sneezes -- had faded.

"Kind of?" Bolin snorted. "He's the Grand Master of stubborn! Luckily, I'm the Grand Master of Making Sure Mako Doesn't Kill Himself. He's going nowhere today."

"You told Tenzin?" Korra asked, chuckling conspiratorially.

"Worse," Bolin grinned. "I told Pema."

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Oh my goddd Mako and his cute sneezing and his CUTE RED CHEEKS and awww Illiana you are so amazing! And I loved that snippet you added, like, so so much. They were so witty and in character and CUUUUTE and aww Mako's stuffy congested voice wow wow I love it so much! You are so GOOD! I can only imagine what Pema will do once she sees Mako trying to escape~

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That is some good stuff right there. Yes. Interesting imaging with the sound there. :yes:

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Ahh! The picture and the ficlet are so squee! My favorite parts are Bolin's "I'm the Grand Master of Making Sure Mako Doesn't Kill Himself." and "Worse. I told Pema." wub.png Brotherly love is the best!

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I have yet to watch Legend of Korra, but that doesn't mean I cannot... appreciate what I see here. :twisted: Very, very nice.

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...the muscles of the lower parts of my stomach are tryin to tell you you did a great job with this. :shy:

Sadly they can't talk. I have to type it for them.

No, really. I love the picture and little ficlet~ They are awesome. Poor Mako. :heart:

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@mysterysneeze: You shouldn't need to log in; it's not required of you do so. Maybe just wait for it to load? :0

And omg this pic aslkdf ;laksdjflkasdjf ;lasdfk. Well, this and the other one you did too :razz:

Illiana you are amazing to draw Mako suffering like that :twisted:

So hoooooooooooooooooooot~ :D

And dat ficlet. It's so adorbs and hnggggg <3

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Nice woooork! I'm blown away, woah. You're super talented :3 and I literally laughed out loud at the last line of your ficlet.

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Your artwork is great and that picture is just, like, wow. . . AMAZING!!!! Sigh. . . I wish I could draw hands better. . .

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