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Quick female one at work


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I was walking past a meeting room and a supervisor whom I've seen sneeze and blow before, opens the door and sticks her head out and a hand holding a tissue. "yashoo" she sneezed quickly into her tissue and gave one loud "HONK" with one hand, went back in and closed the door lol. Why? It's not like her sneeze and blow couldn't be heard in the room lol. I appreciated it though!

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I heard her blow again outside my office. I think she has a cold. I'm going to try and record some audio of her. I don't feel comfortable doing any video. Her sneezes can be very loud but usually arent so I probably won't get a sneeze but I think I can get her honking through my office door lol. The coffee and snacks are outside my office and she always seems to blow her nose after that first sip of coffee when she isn't feeling well. I have no life. I know this. Lol.

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