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A Cold, or...?


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This could turn out kinda long, despite the obs itself only having happened in a few seconds. I'm not known for being concise, so just skip closer to the end if you don't want all the background stuff (I debated posting it at all, it's my first here). ^^;

So I woke up this morning after having a scratchy throat for the past couple days. That's often how my colds start, but it's also how my allergies affect me sometimes and supposedly pollen's been high. That being said, I'm still not sure if this is allergies or a cold, though I'm leaning toward the latter (and am not happy about it).

When I get colds, I often have these stuck sneezes or buildups that get to the very last stage and then quit on me. I was sitting on my couch a few minutes ago and my nose had been feeling kind of tickly for a while. I decided I was tired of it and would just make myself sneeze. So I went into my bathroom, grabbed a tissue, and proceeded to tickle the inside of my nose with it, and here is what happened.

"Huh...Huh-hh-Huh'EHSSHOO!" I thought I'd get another one out of it, but didn't and was really unhappy that my nose was still tickling. So I repeated, and got another "Huh...H'ESHHU!" I waited a few more seconds and my breath started hitching again, slowly at first, and really shallow. I got one "Huuhh..." and then it disappeared for a few seconds before starting up again like "Hh-huh...Huhh...Huh'EHHSHUU!"

Just now I had to go do it again and it sounded something like "Huht-EISHOO!" I've never been a delicate sneezer, and during a cold, they only get stronger and more impatient once they finally decide to follow through.

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Is it a cold? It's not black or white yet - in fact, there are ElementsofGray in it...........(contrived muchly)

Hope you feel better soon


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Thanks guys! :) Yeah, it's definitely a cold now...it is not making me happy one bit (though it'd be better if I were home and not at work). Seriously, who gets a cold in June? XD

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