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What's your perfect blow?

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I figure a lot of people have that perfect nose blow image in their head. I know I do. I'll start smile.png

My ideal nose blow is from a significant other who has horrible allergies and has been doing something to aggravate them. We would have been doing something together like walking outside through a forrest on a windy pollen filled spring day after rolling down a grassy hill (ha ha idk something to that effect). He would be really sneezy causing him to get super congested and sniffle a lot, wiping his nose constantly. Then he would talk to me in his stuffed up voice and say something like "My allergies are so bad today. I'm so stuffed up. I need to blow my nose." Then he would proceed to blow his nose without honking, with tissues and a good two handed blow. And it would sound gurgly, wet and messy throughout the entire blow as if you can just hear his sinuses being cleared. But, like any self respecting allergic nose, even after blowing his nose would still be running and not completely unstuffed, and the sniffling, sneezing, nose wiping and blowing would continue.

Ha ha it was hard write that all down because I'm like drool.gif. What's your perfect blow?

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Aaah - it is so hard for me to describe it!!

The perfect blow would come from somebody who has this really bad cold. He'd be super sneezy (the kind that sprays over everything). He would also have a really runny and congested nose and he keeps sniffing but the warm thick mucus keeps threatening to drip out. Then he'd say something to me like "Ugh - sniff - do you have a kleenex?" (in a congested nasal voice) He would take the tissue and sneeze explosively (but trying to muffle it) into the kleenex, and then he would give his poor red nose a good blow. The blow would be loud but not honking. It'd be this gurgling, messy noseblow so you can actually hear the mucus flowing/ blown out. One tissue would not be enough and he would have to empty his sinuses into a few tissues before being done. He would ball up these tissues and give a great sniff. Due to his cold, even after blowing nose his voice still sounds nasal.

Just writing this makes me go teehee.gif !!!

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Interesting topic! I have two perfect blows, if that's possible. LOL.

My first one would be if I was with a female, and she had a cold and was sniffling alot. She would look at me and ask me if I had any tissues. We would be sitting at home on the couch and watching TV. I would reach over and hand her a couple tissues. She would fold the two tissues over (and they would be white Puffs Plus or Puffs Ultra tissues, my favorites). She would then bend her head over a little bit while facing me and blow softly out of one nostril at a time. The blow would be very gurgly and wet. After blowing out of each side, she would open the tissues to see what came out, then fold them over and blow again. Those blows wouldn't be as gurgly, but still kinda wet. After that, I would ask her if she felt better, and she would say, "Yes, thanks for the tissues". Then, she would lay her head on my chest and we would fall asleep together.

The second perfect blow would be if I had a cold and was over a woman's house and she was taking care of me. I would be sneezing and sniffling a lot. She would reach over and grab a couple of white Puffs tissues from a big box, put them up to my nose with one hand, look at me while rubbing my back with her other hand and telling me to "blow", while plugging one nostril, then the other. The blow would be very wet and gurgly. It would be soft at first, then it would honk a little bit (that's normally how my blows are). After I was done with each side, she would look at the tissues and say that she was glad that it was clear and that it sounds like I need to blow again. She would then grab two more tissues and have me blow my nose again while look at me the whole time. After I was done the second time, she would look at the tissues again and comment on it being clear. She would then kiss me on my nose and put my head on her chest where I would fall asleep.

Hope that's not too much detail. I like detail. I think about female nose blowing quite often! I would love to take care of a woman with a cold, even help her blow her nose if she would let me. I also love having a woman take care of me when I am sick, and would even let her help me blow my nose if she wanted to.

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I have to say, even though I don't have a nose blowing fetish, these descriptions are really great. I do like hearing nose blowing because it indicates a cold or allergies. Soft gurgling blows are the best, something that sounds really wet and messy. It definitely adds to the desperation of the situation which makes me melt. :)

I can't wait to

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mine would be: my girlfriend is sick and after a few of those cute delicate, high-pitched ladylike stifled sneezes in her elbow, she'd be on the verge of dripping, checking her coat pockets franticly, then she'd turn to me and ask "Do you have a tissue?", to which i'd pull out the hanky in my back pocket and offer it, she'd slightly hesitate as per normal, but then for the first time, she'd take it, hurriedly shake it open and hold it untidily up to her pretty little nose with both hands. Then she'd wetly blow, and just need to keep blowing and practically fill up the hanky in one session (no easy task). Then insist on washing it for me, even though thinking it was gross to wash them with clothes was the reason ahe gave up hankies when she was younger, and i'd be so happy (not to mention horny) for like the next week.

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