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Salt made from tears shed while sneezing


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I'm sorry, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I just stumbled upon this:


A London store is flogging a new range of gourmet salts, extracted from human tears. The salts – available in tear-based flavours including Anger, Sorrow, Laughter, Chopping Onions or Sneezing – are being sold at the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies store in east London, part of the Ministry of Stories creative writing centre for children aged eight to 18, whose founders include the author Nick Hornby.

The salt is real, and costs £7 per jar. The tears, as you may have guessed, are fictional. Such is the pitch that foodie culture has reached, however, that the concept is almost plausible.

I wonder if it's coming along with pepper that makes people sneeze. By the way, even I think that was a weird idea for a product. twitchsmile.gif

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:lol: In the context of fiction, I think it's a brilliant product.

But agree it's a bit odd that it's almost a plausible concept at the minute.

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Come to think about it, it's not MUCH weirder than snail porridge... Heston Blumenthal must be pissed he didn't come up with this idea. He must be pulling his hair out at the - oh, wait. :bleh:

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