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Article about photic sneezing


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Haven't read it entirely yet, but it appears that scientists have tried to figure out exactly what happens in the brain (stem) during the photic reaction and have found that rather than just involving the brain stem, it also involves specific cortical area's. The experiment is described. Hope some of you may enjoy it too. :)


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Ten photic sneezers were recruited for this study. They reported experience of sneezing or prickle in the nose while looking into the bright light of a lamp or at the sun. In order to evaluate their photic sneezing experiences, we interviewed the subjects with a standardized questionnaire about different aspects of photic sneezing (rigidity, frequency, strength, daytime, season, refractory period, stimuli, family incidence

:o:drool: How could I get on a group that is studying that... (I'll take the males :innocent: )

Nice find!!

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I'm so used to hearing the phrase "refractory period" being used in a sexual context.

I heart.gif photic sneezers. drool.gif Great find.

ETA: Someone needs to find the "sneeze-evoking center" in the human brain...

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