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Meine Liebechen


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Please be kind guys, this is the first story I've written/posted

Title: Meine Liebechen

Author: Cauldwell


Summmary: Very, very loosely based on real events; a young couple re-unite in a foreign city before a terrible cold threatens to spoil the day.

Chapter 1 -

She had been waiting to see him for weeks, months even. Ever since they had parted at the airport on that bittersweet day in early July he had been on her mind. Now it was mid November and their work commitments had finally come to an end as they arranged to meet in München. It was a long time in the coming, she thought, as there had been some flirtation, at least on her part, way back when they’d been at college together. And now finally it was here, the day she would get to see him again.

It was a crisp autumnal day, the sky bright with the cold, clear conditions as she rode the Deutsche Bahn train from Mainz. Suddenly the urge to sneeze rose, as a flash of glare came up off the Rhine and through the immaculately clean windows. “Hmp-chhh” she stifled, somewhat ineffectively, this sneeze being a little more strong that her nomal photics. She looked around, mildly emabarrassed, sniffed softly and went back to her book. The last thing she wanted to do was attract attention by sneezing, at least when everybody had a current paranoia over “Swine-grippe” (Swine-flu).

A half an hour later the train pulled into the Mannheim Hauptbahnhof in time for her transfer, as she reached for her suitcase and duffle bag. Pulling them along after her, and dressed as she was, in a warm coat and woollen top, she found the exertion causing her nose to run a little. “Damn!” she thought as she rushed toward her platform. Settling her belongings into her seat, she made sure to grab her tickets before making a quick dash to the onboard facilties. Locking the door, she reached for a sheet of toilet paper blowing hastily, but gently the wetness from her nose. Set on quickly returning to her seat she failed to notice as the conductor came up behind her, barely sitting down before the inevitable "Fahrkarte, bitte" (Ticket, please). Presenting him with both her ticket and dazzling smile, he merely glanced at the stamp before handing it back with a polite and efficient nod.

The next 2 hours of her trip being inland, although scenic, she continued to focus on her book. Or try to. Her mind kept wandering across the fields to a different time and place....where her fingers gently ran though a mop of neatly trimmed sandy-blonde waves..........

She didn't realise that she'd drifted off to sleep until she was awoken by the announcement of the imminent final stop. Sighing and stretching slightly, she set about tidying her things before being overcome with a sudden tickle in her nose. Breathlessly holding the teasing sneeze at bay until the carriage was nearly empty, she finally clasped her finger and thumb over her nose in an almost complete stifle. Although virtually soundless, it was a less than satisfactory move, leaving her with a very slight jarring headache and a surprisingly full nose. “I should have thought to bring some tissues” she thought. However, having nothing to immediately remedy the situation she continued to sniffle as she made her way though the terminal and out to the busy city.

Her chosen hotel was somewhat basic, being a business that catered to the numerous backpackers to this “party town” as well as those wish for a bit more privacy. Sniffling a little as she waited for the 2 young men before her to finish up their conversation with the clerk, she was very grateful to be able to speak her native tongue to book a room and soon found herself dumping her bags upstairs. With a sigh of relief she grabbed a tissue from the conveniently placed box on the bedside table and let out a nice blow, clearing the wetness and allowing herself to finally breathe normally again.

It being nearly lunchtime and not having had breakfast (She hadn’t been all that hungry that morning - from nerves she supposed), she soon decided that a trip to the supermarket was in order. This served a second function as a means of keeping her mind occupied until their arranged meeting time later that afternoon.

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totally want more. i love the set up and (for me) the travel/vacation/escape aspect of it. i felt like i took a short vacation and it was nice :-)

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Nice. :) Looking forward to your descriptions of München and the progress of this girl's affliction ^_^ Neat idea.

(Just two little things though, and I do hope you don't mind me pointing them out - it's "Mein Liebchen", even if the Liebchen in question is in fact female, and "Schweinegrippe", not "Swine-grippe". The latter according to Google Translate, at least. Perhaps I'm wrong - fairly certain about mein Liebchen though!)

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Thanks guys, I'm glad you've liked it so much :D

I've been working on this story for a while, but knowing I have an audience might help it get written sooner ;)

Also: Maru, you're right smile.png (and pointers are welcome)

I can only plead that I speak better German than I spell wink.png

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Aww, I like your story very much so far :)

It's really sexy how she tries to stifle her sneezes, rowrr, I hope she is not all that successful^^

Verrry nice, I hope you continue soon!

It's funny that you write about München because my SPN Story "Guten Tag, yourself" also plays there in the beginning.

The stupid thing is that I have never been in München, so I can just guess what it's really like.

What about you? How come you speak German? It's very good :)

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Those stifles sound painful - I think she might need to let them out :D Look forwards to reading more :)

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excellent! I am hoping that she will soon find her sneezes too powerful to stifle.....

And surely there must be a scene "in Muenchen Staedt am Hofbrauhaus" where she discovers an allergy to Bavarian beer......

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Exiting the hotel she checked the lobby info stand for a small town map, and much to her pleasure found one along with many fliers for cultural activities, historical sites, and of course the obligatory pub-crawl. Feeling confident she headed out the door and back down Bayerstraße toward the main shopping district of town. This was the part of travel she loved; watching people in their natural element, ambling past the…..she suddenly shivered violently….ambling past the mix of local haunts and tourist traps, here a driving school, there a fancy hotel. “If only the air wasn’t so chill”, she thought as she turned up her collar and huddled deeper into her coat.

Sniffing absently she finally reached the Karlsplatz and the beginning of München’s pedestrian mall where a largish wooden bandstand was in the process of assembly. Wondering what this might be in preparation for her train of thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a muted beep from her coat pocket..

Train arrives at 6:30. Can’t wait to see your smiling face at the station, little blondie. xx

45 minutes later and having found no sign of a supermarket, she gave up, vowing to return for more window-shopping when she didn’t have such a wretched headache and rumbling stomach. She headed back in the direction of the main information booth, hoping they could give her some directions and being yet too shy to ask a person on the street.

Uh-tchoo!” A sudden sneeze, just barely muffled into the crook of an elbow, set off a fresh stab of pain radiating through her head. “Ugh!” She groaned, beginning to think that with a good 5 hours to kill, perhaps a nice nanna nap after shopping might be a good move.

This time approaching the station from the Bahnhofplatz she easily found the tourist information booth and was quickly shown the nearest supermarkets, convieniently enough, had she asked sooner, some 15 minutes walk from both the station and her hotel.

By now entirely self-conscious of her continual sniffles and craving, no desperate for, a quick pick-me-up. Ducking back into the terminal to hunt for a likely-looking café, she ordered “zu mitnehmen” (to go), being sure to take an extra napkin or two to deal with the immediate problem of the trickling nose. As she walked and sipped at the warm, milky liquid she noticed that her throat was in fact a bit scratchy.

Still her waking mind made no attempt to connect any of her nagging afflictions, so focused on her feelings of excitement that it could not comprehend a single hitch….not one single reason why the night should not be the stuff of teenage fantasy.

Edited to try and fix font/size issues

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Ich liebe München. So much so that I'm returning in two weeks, so I LOVE your descriptions! Echt toll! ;)

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