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A Flaming Banshee Of Hate


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This is just idle writing that took up some time while I was bored. And it was actually written with Chanel_no5 in mind :lol: I wanted to write and used her prefrences as a prompt :P Our prefrences are similar anyway. Tell me what you think if you want. xx

The employees never whispered about her inside the building, because she had eyes everywhere. The high level of intimidation bonded the departments so that employee relations issues were virtually non-existent.

One subordinate described a meeting with her as “standing naked in a boxing ring while she had all the armour and a huge pair of boxing gloves” another described his boss as “a flaming banshee of hate who cannot possibly have a soul because the spirit devouring sucker which lives in her head corrupts absolutely” Which is really quite a description.

However Stacy would describe her as “Not too bad really” for Stacy knows the witch personally.

Stacy is one of the two personal assistant that Carolyn has. Stacy is the one who organises Carolyn’s personal life and so, is almost top secret.

This Monday morning petite brunette Stacy approached her boss. Carolyn raised her head to see the woman. Carolyn had sharp green eyes and fiery- take charge red hair. Stacy set down a tall glass of water and a small box then, without a word, left the room. This was the way Carolyn liked this exchange.

She reached across and took the little pills out of the box and in a swift, practised movement she slipped the tablets into her mouth, sipped the water and swallowed. This was her most highly guarded secret. Carolyn had hayfever. Not particularly bad but it was a kink in the armour. It was something that would make her more relatable to people and that was what Carolyn did try to avoid. She didn’t need or want to be friends within her organisation. She just wanted to run it successfully.

The morning in the office progressed as any other day, however when she left for lunch things out of the ordinary started happening. The minute Carolyn opened the door to her office an itch creeped along her face, lingering at her eyes and nose.

She was so unprepared for this that she slammed the door to her office shut again, doubled over and pinched her nose and gave a mostly silent stifled sneeze “HepNXghew”

She blinked, slightly stunned. Carolyn had a strict schedule of medications so that allergens did not bother her at all. But she reasoned that she could not simply stay in her office, so she composed herself and tried again.

Thankfully no-one had noticed the earlier disruption, or if they did made no show of it.

And again the same reaction took place when Carolyn tried to leave. This time she fought it off and escaped to the elevator. Once again alone, inside the elevator she pinched her nose “HegNxhh…HeiNXhew” and rubbed at her eyes. ‘ah fuck’ she thought.

Carolyn ran from the building to her car and called Stacy from it. Ordering her to go and buy the strongest antihistamines possible without prescription. By the time she got home and had lunch the attack seemed to subside and finish with her.

Stacy arrived with the medicines and Carolyn gulped them down and dismissed Stacy for the day. Carolyn set off for work once again hoping that she had herself under control now.

No such luck. She entered the building and outright glared at every person who dared look at her. Her eyes itched, her nose ran and her entire face felt sticky. Fleeing to the elevator, she attacked the buttons so that she could get just a second of privacy- “HeiShiew! HepHTiew… HeiGnxgh… Goh…- God…he ISHIEW!” She pushed her hand to her face and bolted for the door to her office the second the elevator door opened. Slaming the door she let out more allergic sneezes as her eye teared up and leaked.

Carolyn angrily flipped open her phone and spent the last of her will-power finding out what was going on in this building today. She pulled the blinds on her windows and suffered in the dark for a minute while she waited for people to call her back.

When her phone did ring again, Carolyn was at breaking point.

“What” she snapped into the phone

“uh… Ms Finlay?”

“Of course it’s me” she stated grinding her teeth at this obvious fool she’d been landed with.

“I ..uh… Carried out your request and it seems that we got a new shipment of foreign flowers in… they’re from Brazil and called-“ but he didn’t have a chance to finish.

“I don’t CARE what they’re called! I want them REMOVED from the building and DESTROYED and I want the idiot who ordered them fired NOW!”

With that she hung up.

Carolyn refused to leave her office or see anyone that day and when she eventually left work, didn’t come back for the next week until she was sure all traces of that Brazilian pollen were obliterated from her life. It taught her a sweet lesson of getting to cocky in her own surroundings, and the employee who ordered the flowers? He never worked in the city again and now refers to his old boss as a flaming banshee of hate…

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Oh... ooooohhh.... :dribble: this... this is... oh hell yeah, AWESOME! :heart: Definitely what I needed to read at the moment. Great story! Ah, those bitchy allergic bosses. Knowing from personal experience, they're scary as hell.. but the rewards can be sweeeeeet! :drool:

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Terrific! And Brazilian pollen is such a romantic adversary [you can just hear Brazil being played in the background].

My experience of bosses is that since they expect everyone to fall in with them, they would expect all their employees to cater to their sneeziness.....

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