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Spoilers (sorry for language I don't like Mona):

So I watched Pretty Little Liars...okay...Clevver TV reported it was going to get a lot darker. Uh yeah! Mona is just gotten to whole new level of psycho b*tch. With Hannah going into her room and talking to her and she's just staring off into space...then she's watching Hannah through the door crack talking to that one guy (yes Mona no one is going to see you...) then when she smiled at the empty chair. She's just so weird...

Then there's Emily...okay your best friend(/lover) died while you were drinking I think you should stop underage drinking before you die. But any way Emily is just having some issues she needs start seeing that therapist again. All of them need to! You and your secrets Emily, why was she talking to Toby?

Spencer...(TOBY!!!) would anybody else be afraid to back to the hotel room? I would I'd be like Hannah, Aria come with me (Emily is too busy being all depressed). The cop guy got some information why didn't you tell the guards to let him speak? Shouldn't they be on the phone so the guards could hear what they are saying?

Aria her panic attack...and her and Ezra. Ezra, Toby and Caleb are just awesome...I'm glad her mom is coming around, kind of weird but it's okay.

Hannah why are you talking to Mona?! She tried to kill you like how many times?! Oh Caleb I love you...even though you weren't there most of the time.

All in all...Pretty Little Liars is getting really interesting...I wonder if they're gonna build off A stalking the moms from last season...

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