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Whose Sneeze Is It Anyway?


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Ok, it's been some time since I've posted...hard to keep coming up with stuff all of the time. I work in an office where we also sell space to tenants for other companies to work. My office area has become host to a small group of tenants. About 7 people total, 5 of whom are very attractive young ladies working in cubicles. I work in an office near the front, and they're in the back. They all are very nice and joke around a lot, and I try to be friendly as well toward them.

At least once a day, I hear different sneezes from the group of ladies...some are like a medium pitched "hechooo", and usually this person rattles off two or three of these kinds of sneezes in a row. Very nice. Another is a bit more harsh, a little deeper, and yet another is sort of muffled. Anyway, I always try to think who it might be who is sneezing, based on the sound of the sneeze and what might match their voices. Sort of like a bit of a game. There's quite a bit of coughing too, since I think they've all passed around bronchitis or the flu over the winter and spring. Probably allergies now.

Anyway, it is quite the poupourri (spelling???) of pretty sneezes. Since they are way in the back of the suite, I really can't say "bless you" like I normally do for my own people who are right outside my door, otherwise, it would look very obvious if I was that loud. Still quite a bit of fun and entertainment as I am working during the day. Good thing they all don't have real bad allergies in Spring, otherwise, I'd never get any work done.

Till we sneeze again, everyone, take care, and keep posting. Thanks. biggrin.png

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Mmmm this is nice, I would try and find excuses to go down there on the off chance one of them may sneeze lol very nice thanks go sharing :)

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