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I've had a cold for a few days. The first couple weren't too bad & considering my own sneezes do nothing for me...was quite enjoying the release after some build ups.

Anyway, that changed yesterday when I woke up feeling under the weather and became fairly congested with a low grade fever.

Tonight I have been pretty sneezy & congested. I really want to get to sleep, so I decided to go the steamy shower route to try & loosen stuff up. Noing happened at first, but as the shower got steamier I blew quite a bit of stuff out of my nose and sinuses and that caused some major tickling. I hitched a couple times & then went into a fit of 10 sneezes all of them pretty much HASCHOOOOOOO.....HESCHOOOOOOO. They were wet (shower steam or no shower steam) and with them came copious amounts of ummmmm...well yellow snot. Left me a little breathless. I got out of the shower and blew my nose a couple times.

Got ready for bed & opened the door. The colder air hit my nose and that started my nose again. Grabbed my hanky just in time for HIASCHOOOOOO...HESCHOOOOOOO...HESCHOOOOOOO..HUH...HUH...HUCHOOOOO....HIASCHOOOO....

HISCHOOOOO. Blew my nose into four tissues.

The bummer thing? Left nostril still stuffed!

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Bless you many times dear...hope you're feeling better soon. Love the details of the ten sneezes. Thanks.

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