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Power Struggle


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This is what happens when you leave two Scandinavian guitarists alone in a jacuzzi.


For once it wasn’t one of Murderface’s fetid farts that cleared the hot tub.

When the Scandinavians drank, one of two things could happen. They either argued in increasingly terrible English over something that their band mates could only guess was pointless, or they started acting gay. Really gay. As in a giggling, play-wrestling, hair-pulling kind of gay.

It was so unmetal Nathan had to get up and leave to avoid getting sick in the tub. He expected this kind of behavior from Toki, but watching the usually dignified Skwisgaar drunkenly slip into such a deplorable state was almost too painful to watch. Murderface, who was always put off by even the vaguest instances of homosexuality, followed not long after, and Pickles lingered, genuinely amused, before pulling himself out of the tub and murmuring a half-hearted invitation to join him for some vodka-and-root-beer floats. He took their lack of response as a rejection of his offer and shrugged, unoffended, before leaving them to their playful fighting.

Finding themselves alone, the guitarists snickered and high-fived. “All rights, hot tubs to us-selves!”

“Ja, no big sweaties Nathans or smellies Moidaface taking up all de rooms…”

“… and no Pickle spilling drinks in de tubs!” Toki finished enthusiastically.

They clinked their glasses together, some of the liquid sloshing over the sides and into the pool, and then watched as the water was dyed a light orange. “Good goings, Toki, now you ams spilling you’s drinks in de tubs,” Skwisgaar accused, though he was smirking in a way that suggested he was already devising a punishment for this offense.

Toki all too was familiar with this look but before he could defend himself Skwisgaar was putting him in a headlock. Despite being ten times stronger than the lead guitarist, Toki found himself unable to wrestle his way out of it and went limp by way of submission, trying to appeal to Skwisgaar’s sympathy instead. “Stops, Skwisgaar! My neck ams already sores from sleeping on it funnies.”

Skwisgaar shrugged and released him. “Fine thens. Dunkings it is.”

“What ams dun—”

Toki gargled the rest of his sentence as his mouth filled with warm, bubbly, chemically-tasting water. He squeezed his stinging eyes shut, struggling to pry Skwisgaar’s hands off of his head. Finally the other guitarist relented and allowed Toki to return, coughing and sputtering, to the surface.

“How ams you likes dats?” Skwisgaar teased, but now Toki was in no mood for his games.

Still coughing, he gave Skwisgaar a shove and moved to the other end of the tub, resting against the edge and burying his face in his arms. When he regained his footing Skwisgaar made his way over to him, gently resting a hand against the spasming muscles of his back. “Fuck, sorries… I didn’t means to chokes you all ups.”

When his lungs were clear of water Toki lifted his head and fixed his bleary gaze on Skwisgaar. The Swede looked genuinely concerned, and tilted his head questioningly to the side when Toki did not immediately update him on his condition. “Ams you okays?”

Toki nodded weakly and let out one more gurgling cough against the back of his hand. Alleviating the irritation in his throat only seemed to trigger another deep within his sinuses, and though he was staring at Skwisgaar he could feel his eyes starting to go out of focus. “Hh’ehh…” Snfff. “Hh’hhhEHH—…”

He sniffled harder and felt the tickle get swept back down into his throat, triggering another coughing fit. As he bent forward Skwisgaar wrapped his arm around his shoulder, drunkenly stroking his arm in an attempt to comfort him. “Easy, Toki…” he crooned. “Takes a bigs breath.”

Toki obliged, taking a deep, calming breath and let it out in a sigh as he straightened back up, his eyes watering. “Wowee…”

Now ams you better?”

“I th-thiihh… thinks so…”

Even as he said it he knew it was a lie. Skwisgaar did, too, and he eyed him suspiciously as his breath caught mid-sentence. “Then why ams you talkings likes dat?”

Toki began to answer but then paused, shakily lifting a finger to signal to Skwisgaar that he needed a moment as he turned away from the other guitarist, not so much out of politeness as self-consciousness. He could feel his features twisting, his eyelashes fluttering more swiftly as his breath hitched with increasing desperation. “Hhh… hih… hh-hihhh!...Snfff.Hihhh!Snffff! “HIH’IHHHH!—

His breath wavered on the precipice of a sneeze for a good minute before the sensation in his nostrils began to fade. When his fluttering breath finally softened like the last dying echoes of a firework he relaxed, his shoulders sagging, and slumped tiredly against the wall of the hot tub with a frustrated “F-fucks...

Skwisgaar actually had the gall to laugh. “What ams the matters? Ams you havings to sneeze?”

“Ja, but it w-w’hihh…” At once he stopped talking, closing his eyes tight and trying to concentrate on getting this fucking sneeze out of him, but just as he was certain it was going to come the previously relentless urge died down again, leaving him breathless and agitated. “—it won’t cumbs out!” he finished stuffily, rubbing frantically at his nose.

“It shouldn’t be dats hard,” Skwisgaar said, and Toki was sure he could detect a hint of criticism in his voice. It was the same way the lead guitarist spoke to him when he messed up during a song.

“Fucks you.”

“Hey, just teasings,” Skwisgaar exclaimed, taking a moment to look indignant. “But hey, checks it out, I can helps… if you looks up at a lights it’ll comes out. See?”

He tilted his head back in demonstration, gazing up at the large chandelier that, due to poor architectural planning, hung just above the hot tub. After a few seconds his expression began to crumple, his nostrils flaring gently as his bare, glistening chest rose and fell. “Hehhh… hihh… hhetkISHHHoo! Hh’IHFSHOO!

Toki watched, amazed, as Skwisgaar smothered a final, shuddery “HnnihNKXTahh…” against his fist. Even his stifles sounded satisfying. His own tickle flared up enviously and he groaned, longing for the same relief. He’d seen Skwisgaar sneeze from bright lights so many times before that he’d of course tried to mimic it, but not once did he experience the same reaction. “I don’t think that works for me.”

“Just tries it.”

“No, Skwisgaar, it doesn’t works!”

He’d insisted, but before he knew it the world’s fastest guitarist had slinked up beside him and grabbed his head, trying to manually force Toki to look up at the light. He tried to resist, but after a moment he found himself laughing and fighting back. They began wrestling as they had before, creating waves in the water that surged over the edge of the tub and across the stone floor.

Toki trusted that Skwisgaar wouldn’t try to dunk him again after seeing the disastrous results of his last attempts to do so, but there were a million other ways to get rough. It was only a matter of time before someone took an elbow to the nose, and unfortunately for Toki that someone was him.

He reeled back, clasping his hands over his nose and scrunching his eyes shut in pain. Skwisgaar began to reach for him but then hesitated, deciding to refrain from touching Toki in case he just made things worse again. “Fucks, I keeps hurtings you! I didn’t means it this times!”

Little did Skwisgaar know, this was exactly what Toki needed. After a minute the pain subsided, leaving in its stead a deep, throbbing itch. Toki lowered his hands, his jaw going slack and his nostrils twitching as his breath trembled with spasming gasps. “Ihh-hihh-hihh! Huuhhh… huh! HIHH! Hihh-IHH! … huhh…

Skwisgaar could only stare as he went through each tormenting cycle, building up just to lose the sneeze again. His chest would swell until Skwisgaar was certain he wouldn’t physically be able to fit anymore ait in his lungs, then it would lift with one more breath before letting it all out at once in a disappointed sigh. But there did come a point where he seemed to be getting closer, his lips quirking into a smile of premature relief.

“Haahh… aahhh… hh-ahh’AHHH—!”

And that’s when Skwisgaar decided it was time to be dick.

Trying something he’d only ever seen done in cartoons, he pressed a nimble finger against the other guitarist’s flaring nostrils. Toki’s breath shivered indecisively as his features began to relax, allowing him to open his eyes a little and peer up at Skwisgaar, perplexed. “W-whahh-what the fucks ambs you d-doings?”

Skwisgaar could feel his nostrils flexing against his finger as he spoke and he applied more pressure, smirking sadistically as he climbed into Toki’s lap. “Whats do you means?” he asked innocently, eliciting an expression of confused anger from the man whose waist he was now straddling.

Toki tried to speak but his voice was overpowered by another set of hitching breaths that ultimately led to nothing. As long as Skwisgaar’s finger was there it seemed he would be in a perpetual state of having to sneeze. Weakly he lifted his arms and tried to pry Skwisgaar’s hand away from his face, but he was unable to make much progress in his current state. “Hh… S-skwihh… Skwisgaar, please…”

The lead guitarist was unrelenting. “Please what?” he asked, knowing very well that Toki would have trouble getting out a full sentence by this point.

“I—hiihh!—I hahhh… haves t-to—hihh’IIHHH!

Skwisgaar was almost impressed by the strength of Toki’s flaring nostrils. It was a bit of a challenge keeping them blocked off completely with just one finger so he added another, eliciting a small sound of protest from Toki. “Hej, Toki?”

Toki forced an eye open. “J-ja…?”

“Promise me you’ll never asks me for a solo again and I’ll moves my fingers…”


At this first sign of dissent Skwisgaar removed his fingers. Toki gasped in surprise, the prickling sensation in his nostrils amplifying without the pressure of Skwisgaar’s fingers to keep it in check. Lips parting, he took in a long, deep, uninterrupted breath, eyes squeezed shut in preparation for the long-awaited release—

And Skwisgaar’s fingers were back, blocking the sneeze’s escape route and quelling the itchy wildfire in his nose. Toki let out a frustrated noise and tried once again to wrench Skwisgaar’s hand away from his face but his arms were too shaky and weak to even get a good grip on it. Surrendering was the only option he could think of now, his brain otherwise consumed by the desire to sneeze.

“I p-p-prombises to nehh… n-never asks for a solos.”

He waited for Skwisgaar to move his fingers but he only pressed harder. “Evers agains?”

Evers agains!” Toki repeated exasperatedly, resolving to beat the shit out of Skwisgaar as soon as he was physically able.

Smirking, Skwisgaar lightened up the pressure before removing his fingers completely. Toki’s breath began hitching immediately, his nostrils twitching from the stress of holding back so many sneezes for such a long time. “Hiihh-hihh-hehhhh—hh’ahhhh!... Hhh-hihh-HIIH’IHHHH—” He drew in one final breath, his eyebrows lifting expectantly, and snapped forward, his entire body seizing up from the effort of releasing such an enormous, ungainly sneeze. “IHH’HIHHHK’TSCHHHHHHahhhh!”

Skwisgaar didn’t make any attempts to move out of the line of fire but instead watched, intrigued, as Toki repeated the process of building up to the next sneeze, jaw slack, lips trembling, nostrils quivering, chest expanding. “Hihh… haahhh… hii’IHH—KPFFTCHHHHahhh! Hiiihh—IHKKT’SCHHHahh! Hh’hhihhhhh’HIHHH’KBFSCHHHH! Hhh… hh’ahh’HEHH’KSCHHHHHahh!

When he was finished he slid, panting, down in his seat in the tub, eyes closed and a faint, satisfied smile on his parted lips. Skwisgaar couldn’t help but chuckle at his expression. “Ams you feeling better now?”

“Ja…” Toki replied breathlessly, still slumped against the edge of the hot tub.

Skwisgaar ruffled his wet hair and sat beside him, smirking a little. “You knows… I thinks you deserves a solo after thats.”

Toki perked up immediately at this suggestion. “Reallies?!”

Pfft, nos, of course nots. You sucks at the guitar.”

And with that comment the fighting started all over again.

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WAHAHA they're so cute and permanently five years old, I love it! And hnngh Toki HHNNNGH Skwisgaar <3 I love that Toki described his sneezes as 'satisfying', that is the perfect word for that sound just flghfghjj. I AM GOOD AT COMMENTING YES B|

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Asdsffdfs howww do I keep missing your stuff

Omg. Just...hnng. Powerful flaring nostrils and the tease and denial and Skwis not even moving just sitting there...dear lord

I need to...take care of some things now. :boom:

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