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Behind the stage sneezes


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So... Yesterday I had a little end-of-schoolyear stage show with my drama group. Before the actual show we had a three hours long rehearsal (in the end we were exhausted like we ran a marathon, but the leader still had guts to complain about lack of power in our performance during the break).

Anyway, we had that rehearsal and it was an end of a group scene and we went behind that black wall (I need to improve my English vocabulary as soon as possible) and we were occupied with our own thoughts, but still trying to stay in the character. But when I saw this, I failed in both.

Here was that kinda sensitive looking "snowflake like" guy, with fair hair and blue eyes, looking almost Scandinavian. I have never found him very attractive (not really my type), but he is very sweet and good looking.

He sneezed while walking around, bored. He had semi wet, "Ha-keeh" sounding sneeze. I blessed him.

I haven't heard him sneezing before, so I was very surprised with the quantity of the sneezes that was about to come. He made few more steps, than sneezed again: "He-keeh! Ha-keeh!"

After that, he was still walking and for about a minute he was sniffing and wiping his nose with his hand. I thought he was done, but then he sneezed again. The another ten seconds passed, than one more. Another couple seconds, then one or two more. He was walking around with his eyes half closed and mouth opened, ready to catch more sneezes into his hand. He sneezed about ten more times, with about ten seconds in between each one, still walking around.

By now he looked really miserable.

When we came back to stage, he was breathing on his mouth, preventing more sneezes. A minute or two later he was completly fine.

I guess it was just dusty there.

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Nice obs! For some reason I always like the ones when the writer and the sneezer are in the same group for something...like when guys on my taekwondo team sneeze...

Isn't it lovely when they surprise you by sneezing more when you thought they were done? :)

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Isn't it lovely when they surprise you by sneezing more when you thought they were done? :)

Well, it is sort of a treat.

And thank you for reading!

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