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Happy Days, The Fonz is Allergic To Girls


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So, my new this is Happy Days, and, of course, I fell for Fonzie.

And this episode.... Oh boy. nosebleed.gif

The sneezes are acted adorably, and there's some yummy talk scattered all over the place wink.png


Sneezes occur at:




And adorableness is the whole episode... drool.gif

And, off topic, anyone else curious as to what the heck Number 35 is? O.o...

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Oh sweet lord...that's ADORABLE. And that last fit of his...sdjhsldfgkjdfhlk. I can't even deal. Mmmm, right in the childhood. I grew up on this show (and sadly never saw this episode!). Wonderful find, thank you!!!

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Okay, I seriously can't stop watching that fit at the end. The way he's taken completely by surprise, and the way he keeps reaching over to Richie like he's trying to brace himself on something. Oh my godddddd~ all my Fonzie feels are coming back.

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my antivirus just had to filter out three viruses just from LOOKING at that page!

Huh, worked just fine for me. D: And my antivirus is always on top of stuff like that.

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Oh man~ thanks for the link! I've only seen this once - when I was a kid. It was soooo full of fetishy material I was actually too embarrassed to watch it again until I saw this thread ahahaha.... blushsmiley.gif !!

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I really wanna watch this! But I can't load the video on my iPod. Is there an other link someone could give? Please?

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