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Tips for making a spray video?


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I might have a rare moment of alone time this week in which I want to try to make a spray video. My last attempt was kind of unsuccessful so I'm looking for help. The only light source that seems usable to me is a regular table lamp (minus the shade of course) or I *might* have a swing arm lamp.

Any suggestions as to placement of camera, lamp, and me?

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I've never tried making a video at all myself, but why don't you place the lamp and camera where you think might be a good place, then record when you spray from a water bottle or something where you plan on sitting? That way you could calculate distance and placement without having to irritate your nose more than necessary before the actual "show" begins. ;)

Maybe a stupid idea, but it was what came to mind right away. :P

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The traditional view has been that being backlit by sunlight is the best. Though in fact frontlit by sunlight also seems to work. Don't forget that you should be facing to one side so that the spray is lit up as it crosses the picture. In fact one method I have seen is to sneeze standing up and tip your head back during the build up so that the spray travels roughly straight forward and there is then the full followthrough ccomplete with bending at the waist.

As to the lamps, I would suggest experimenting with backlighting first.

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