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Charlize Theron


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Man oh man. I've developed the biggest girl crush on Charlize. :laugh: The teaser was nice. I can't wait to see the whole thing!

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I'd absolutely love to see a video of Charlize Theron sneezing...it'd be absolutely fantastic!

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I still haven't found anything! *Sobs.* other than the fake ones she did in a movie way back when. =p

Anyone had any more luck than I?

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other than the fake ones she did in a movie way back when. =p

^Where can I find this? bounce.gif

Charlize Theron is one of those celebrities that I would turn lesbian for. If someone finds the video, I will be oh so very happy.

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It's from the movie 'The Celebrity,' and it's two from getting a cold. I'll try and locate a clip of that movie. In the meantime, WHERE ARE OUR FRIENDS IN AUSTRALIA? :P

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Hey guys,

So I contacted some representatives of the show, and they said they could send me a DVD of the segment. The problem is that it would cost $93.50, which is sorta a lot of money. Would you guys be interested in some sort of shared payment, and then I would rip it and put it up here?

Edit: I can forward you guys the email conversation with the representatives for all those interested.

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Unfortunately, I didn't watch 60 minutes that night. I would have loved to have seen that, charlize theron is beautiful.

Was $93.50 the cost for the actual DVD, or is it just a high delivery cost? I'm surprised they don't have some way of just downloading the purchase. If there was a cheaper way to get the footage within Australia, I could maybe try and do it.

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