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I let myself sneeze in front of people.


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Was hanging with 3 of my friends the other day. we were just finished watching a movie. I was sitting on my friend's bed just watching her and my other friend be silly about something when suddenly an unexpected unusually strong tickle (for me at least) shot up my left nostril. I was literally like "fuck i have to sneeze..." The urge was strong enough that i was going to start making those pre sneeze faces...of course i was like trying to hide it (which i did sucessfully lol)

and it was like teasing me though. Like for a second i thought i was gonna sneeze but then i didn't and then it sort of went away then im like "dammit" to myself. For years, i have not sneezed in front of my friends because of the strong mental block i have. but this time i wanted to just because im confortable around these friends. but yes i finally did sneeze after looking into the light for like 5 seconds and then i half-stifled it..(i suck at spelling out sneezes so use your imagination xD) then one of my friends blessed me..well she said "bless you stupid" because i was messing around with her like seconds earlier lol

still im so proud of myself that i finally sneezed in front of people. guess my mental block is backing off a bit lol

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Aww, that's nice for you :)

I know that, I also have one hell of a mental block and I haven't sneezed in front of anyone since ... I was 10?

I'm glad your mental block is backing off a little *hugs*, maybe it'll disappear one day?

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Well done! Congrats! It's a phobia type stroke anxiety type of thing and as such, does ease the more comfortable the situation your in. I'm glad you were able to do it!! :D

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:D so glad your mental block may be letting up a bit! I've been struggling with mine, and while I'll NEVER sneeze in front of my family because they mostly know about the fetish, I'd love to be able to sneeze in front of classmates by the time school starts in August. Only problem is that many of my friends have noticed that I "never sneeze." Hopefully I'll be able to get over it in the same way you have :D
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Congrats on sneezing infront of your friends for the first time! (:

"bless you stupid" that just cracked me up.

Thanks for sharing (:

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I too have a bit of a mental block but it is not quite so bad that i havent sneezed in front of people for years. i just get to that point of a severe tickle around people and then the sneeze many of the time doesnt happen.

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