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Barbie: Die Prinzessinnen-Akademie (The princesses academy)


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seriously i was sooo bored when i came home from work today.

i switched on the TV, zapping through the channels. i stopped where the cartoons run.

i left the channel on, it´s super rtl if some of the germans wanted to know ^_^

later i settled on the sofa and realised barbie was in the TV. normally i don´t watch this

show but i laughed a lot so i watched it till the end. and i laughed even MORE

when i heard/ saw the guard sneeze. here is the link and the sneeze is at 6.40


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Ohhh, and they made him kinda handsome, too. Never realized it before, but I like a guy sneezing in a nice suit and fancy gloves - kinda creates the problem that he wouldn't want to cover and mess up those gloves. :drool: Mmmm. Fun catch, thanks for sharing it!!

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you are welcome ^_^

exactly :yes: and i love the perfect view of his face :drool: sadly his glasses didn´t show his eyes :(

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Oh my gosh! I LOVE this movie (yeah, I'll admit it... but sometimes a girl.. or person... just needs to relax with some mindless, childish, brain-candy like this <3 ). Totally forgot about that part :).

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