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Huge Sneezes Make Work a Happier Place (F)


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Been meaning to post something on this for a while :) I have a new colleague at work who seems to suffer quite regular, explosive sneezing fits. The first time I heard but did not see her; a superb fit of four sneezes of different volumes, the second and fourth being the loudest.


I was compelled to search for the source of the sneezes and found the sneezette – a pretty blonde with shoulder length hair and ever so slightly upturned nose. I would have been happy if this had been a one off but...

...I have now witnessed two fits of hers, and overhead one more, leading me to believe that this could be a fairly regular occurrence. Once she was coming through the door ahead of me, and she actually sneezed one of her four sneeze fits as I was smiling and saying hi. She had clamped a hand over her mouth to try and lesson the force of their release and seemed too embarrassed to reply to me, and too intent of controlling the sneezes.

Certainly makes work easier to live with... :D

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She sounds like a dream! I would want everyday to be a work day.

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Good observation...there's a similar situation where I work. An attractive blond with a rather strong sneeze...a very pronounced "achooooo" type, that usually happens in sets of at least two, sometimes three. Very nice observation, and thanks for posting.

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