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Looking for Michael J Fox?


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I'm fairly certain he had a cold in one episode of Family Ties, but I don't remember which one it is. I guess look around that show and you'll find it eventually.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. xD

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i love that episode! :D

its called a philadelphia story

here are some links: http://www.tv-links.eu/tv-shows/Family-Ties_24414/season_3/episode_16/video-results/

if u have netflix, u can stream it there too

the sneezes were good, but michael j fox's overall performance was AMAZING...like at the part where he wakes up at the end and sniffles and coughs, it convinced me that he really might have been sick when they were filming. i could be wrong, but still, i love michael j fox and finding this made me super happy :)

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Okay, I know it's bad to resurrect threads but.....I can't help it. That was so effing cute I can barely stand it. Thank you SO much. Honestly, there is almost no way he wasn't sick. That was so real. The coughs, the sniffles, the scratchy throat, the sneezes might have been fake, but they were really good. I think, since his illness did not have much to do with the story, they just kind of added it in when he got sick or something. EEEEEEEEEEE I almost never fan-girl, but... I have to! SQEEEEEEE!

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