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Morning sneezes from my mom (F)


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So, i have been to lazy for the past months but now im back with some new obs.

My mother has developed allergic rhinitis, so most of the mournings she wakes up sneezing. she sneezed some fits of four sneezes or so before blowing her nose and stop.

For a description, she is a very tall woman (around 6 feet), athletic and well built (she has been doing aerobyc since years) had long curly dark blond hair, big chest and a huge long straight nose, with big triangular nostrils that flares a lot when sneezing.

As most of you will now, her sneezes are REALLY strong and wet, and the rhinitis make them even wetter. They are like HEEEAAAACHSSSS with the first part really loud and high pitched and the second one (the CCHHHS) really powerful. In fact her sneeze is so powerful that she doesnt spray big snots or saliva but a HUGE cloud of minimun droplets, all of them fragmented by the force of the air explosion. its imposible for a big droplet to form XD.

Anyway, she wakes me up 3 days ago with a fit of 4 of her giantess-sized sneezes, all of them clearly audible from my bedroom in the upper floor. When i came down for breakfast she was sniffing and with a red nose. I sat next to her in the table, eyeing her in order to catch her in another sneeze fit. When we were ending, she sneezed a huge wet double (HEEEECHISSSS, HEEEEECHSSSS) directly on her legs (they didnt make a try to lessen its force, even at the table XDD). After that, a third one was on the way. She make a great preesneezing face, and begin to hitch while she moved her leg, waiting unpatiently for the sneeze to come. I totally stared at her (i couldnt help it), and finally, with a sharp, high pitched intake of air she release the last one the same way, but much stronger than the others. Its was pure spray (only a short high pitched HA before the huge CHHHSSSS, it was so forceful that it let my left ear deafened for a moment.

I blessed her for such a huge explosion, she wiped her legs, and with a blow on her long nose, ended her fits for the rest of the mourning.

Sorry for the ost lenght and hope you liked it :)

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It sounds like that you'll be finding yourself in fetish heaven for a while. It also sounds like she regularly has a great buildup. If she knows about the fetish, you should ask her to try to hold back some of these massive sneezes she has. That would make for quite an ob. wouldn't you say?

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I love your obs. :twisted: And I love when the mess isn't snot, but mist. Mmm. :drool:

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Amazing, totally amazing! I just love it when a woman has strong wet sneezes. Your mom's are great!

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