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Radio Show- "Allergic To Love"


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Backstory time:

So I think you guys remember this (http://www.sneezefet...ch&fromsearch=1) radio drama that VoOs had found back a while ago with Benedict Cumberbatch. Well I remember this other radio drama coming up in the suggestion box, and I decided to give it a listen. After turning up blank results, I abandoned it.

Well I'm an idiot because I didn't realize there was sneezing in the other two parts! wallbash.gif

It's really well acted sneezing in a very silly and overdone plot- the couple goes to get married but they forget and instead attend their honeymoon cruise, so they plan for the captain to marry them but he can't right away, then some old flame who also happens to be a doctor comes back and tries to woo her by rooming with her on the ship, old flame challenges the to-be husband to a race and the to-be husband tries to jump ship which makes people thing he tried to commit suicide, he escapes after 3 days in the bring (brig? brink?) and the old flame tries to get the to-be husband to shave with shaving cream that the love interest is allergic to.

...frick uhhuh.gif

ANYWAY, the sneezes are really, really impressive and I feel as if this is a gem that our F-fans will enjoy =D

Here's part 2 where all the sneezing starts (2:04 it begins, and it goes on throughout the whole rest of the show):

And part 3 where there is more sneezing and the show ends:

if you REALLY want to listen to part 1 (which has no sneezes but a more thorough explanation of what I've written), it's on the poster's channel or in a playlist with the other parts if you just search "Allergic To Love". i can also post it if you'd like smile.png

Enjoooooooooy!! happy.pngheart.gif

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... holy crap. That's kind of amazing. I mean, sure they're super over-acted, but still funny and hot. I quite like acted sneezes for thier own sake, it fitted the rest of the show (I listened to the whole thing!) and the little swells of music as she builds up were hilarious! What a great find yes.gif

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The radio show with Barbara Stanwick is an earlier version of the exact storyline/script used for the 1944 movie Allergic to Love with Marth O-Driscoll. Both are very nice!

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Oh really? That's awesome! Thanks for letting me know :) I'll have to go a-hunting for that as well!

On the whole, I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the find ^_^ I thought you would! :heart:

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Regarding the film version, there were several threads about it last year, and one of our stalwarts was kind enough to upload most of it; but since the megaupload affair, all you get from the links is a frightening message from the FBI about how bad rocketeering is [i first thought].

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