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For Bubbles! Supernova bad


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So, I promised to write this months ago, on a trading thread with Bubbles. Then classes decided to eat my life, and I just now got around to rewatching the Fantastic 4 movie so I could do Johnny justice. Not sure it'll be worth the wait, but... probably five parts. This takes place fairly early on in the movie - Johnny's just been testing his powers for Reed.

“Right. Supernova bad. Got it.” Johnny shivered hard, feeling the ice crack off of him. Okay, “bad” was kind of an understatement. He didn’t think he’d ever been this cold in his life.

“All right, Johnny, can you bring your internal temperature back up? Gradually? I’m not sure yet how much the radiation altered your essential biology, I don’t want to shock your system too much if—"

Reed broke off with a sigh as Johnny burst into flame, the ice vanishing in a cloud of steam. “Or do that. I probably don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m only a Nobel prize-winning physicist, after all.”

Johnny grinned. “Buddy! Was that sarcasm? I’m so proud of you!” He focused for a moment, pulling the fire back under control. It was getting easier every time – like he’d suddenly discovered a new muscle that he needed to work out. Like tensing up something deep in his gut. This time, though, it came with a weird head rush. He shook his head experimentally from side to side, only to be hit with an intense tickling sensation.

“Heh… hehptCHEOO!” The sneeze sent a jet of flames shooting across the room, and Johnny found himself laughing joyfully. “Check it out! I’m like a dragon!”

Sue glared at him. Naturally she’d rushed to pull Reed out of the way, and hadn’t quite gotten around to dropping his arm afterward. “Johnny, what the hell? You almost fried Reed!”

“Oh, come on. He’s a human rubber band, he would’ve gotten out of the way just fine. And hey, ‘bless you’ would be nice.”

Her expression didn’t soften. “Look, if you’re not going to take this seriously then just go. Some of us genuinely want to figure out what happened on that space station and reverse it.”

Johnny snorted. “Right, and ‘some of us’ just want to shack up with Reed indefinitely. Come on, guys, we have superpowers! How is that not awesome?”

Sue blushed and stumbled away from Reed quickly, just like he’d known she would. Less expected, she stalked forward to slap him, hard.

It hurt more than a slap from his sister had any right to. She was shouting something, but he couldn’t focus. His head felt seriously weird. “…so get out! Don’t come back until you’ve figured out how not to be a jerk!”

He nodded, blinking a couple of times. “Yeah, okay, I’m… I’m going.” He only stumbled a little as he made his way out, but as soon as he was out of the room he stopped and leaned heavily against the door, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“HeatCHAOO!” It came up on him with no warning, another flaming mass shooting across the hall to set the wooden frame surrounding the elevator to smoldering. He watched it burn while he waited for his head to clear.

Finally feeling almost normal, he gave a quick sniff. “Right. That was weird,” he muttered to himself. And then, peering at the destroyed doorframe, he laughed ruefully, grateful that the walls appeared to be relatively flameproof. “Guess I’m taking the stairs…”

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Great so far! It's all I wanted and more! And Sue slapped Johnny?! Ooooooooooohhhh!!!!!


Lol, I love how you put "heat" in the sneeze! Great touch!

More soon I hope!

BYE! :bleh:

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Johnny? SNEEZING FIRE??? stun.gif Haaaahahahaaa that is so SHWEET! Hope the poor thing gets some more flaming sneeze torture rest soon!

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*walks out of the room so no one can hear*



Um, yes, I quite liked that...a lot...asdbhdfbjgj Jooohhnnnny...Yup.

(I tried for coherence. See what you have reduced me to.)

Yeah, I'll just stretcher.gif:drool: :drool: :drool::boom:

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@Bubbles: Glad you approve so far. And, um... yeah, the wordplay was totally intentional.

@Grey: Oh, the flaming sneeze torture is just beginning.

@DogLover: Always a flattering reaction. And I don't think that particular smily has ever been more appropriate.

So, part 2:

Honestly, Johnny was fine with being kicked out of Reed’s place. Being locked up and experimented on wasn’t exactly his idea of a party.

Didn’t mean he couldn’t milk it for a little sympathy, though.

“…So anyway, she just slapped me and threw me out. My own sister! Just for having a little fun with my awesome new powers. The two of them, I swear, they have no idea how to have fun. Or actually, it’s only Reed, and Sue goes along with it because she’s still completely drop-dead in love with him. Sorry, am I boring you?”

He cast a grin at the girl sitting next to him at the bar, his patented “Johnny Storm” grin, guaranteed to make any girl melt. She smiled back. “No, you’re right, that’s completely unfair.”

“Exactly! See, you just get me, um… Marie?”

“Close, it’s Laura. Hey, could you do that flame thing again?”

Winking at her, he focused for a moment and snapped his fingers, bringing a tiny fireball to rest in the palm of his right hand.

“Wow, that’s soooooooooo cool.”

“Yeah, I’m… I’m just… hih… generally an impressive sort.” He frowned, rubbing at the bridge of his nose with his left hand. All night he’d been feeling weird, on and off, especially when he brought out the fire. But he didn’t exactly want to sneeze and burn down the bar, so he was trying to hold it together.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah, just think I might be coming down with something. Hey, wanna play naughty nurse?”

She bit her lip, and he watched her mouth, counting down the minutes until it would be acceptable to kiss her. “I don’t know, is it safe?”

He scoffed. “Safe? Now you sound like Reed. Nothing worth doing is completely safe. Live dangerously with me.”

She leaned forward, only a few inches, but a definite green light. “How dangerous are we talking, exactly?”

He passed the fireball from hand to hand before letting it disappear in a blaze of light, firmly pushing down the wave of dizziness the move inspired. “Oh, Laura, you have no idea.” Standing, he tugged her from her barstool and held her against him, hands at her hips.

“God,” she breathed, “You’re so hot.”

And you feel really cold, he didn’t say, because hey, he could handle it. “I get that a lot,” he murmured instead, and kissed her.

She responded enthusiastically, and his hands were just sinking a little lower when the tickling in his head returned with a vengeance.

He tried to pull back and she followed his mouth, fisting her fingers in his hair. Which was great, and she was a good kisser, except… God, should she be this cold? The shivery feeling he got from touching her cool skin really wasn’t helping his focus, and… oh no. He shoved her away just before it finally hit him, but not quite far enough to be out of the line of fire. “HaaariiishoooOOO!”

Laura’s hair was alight. She was screaming, and then the whole bar was screaming, and he couldn’t even think about that because he wasn’t done yet, shit, he needed to get out of here. He made it out the back door to a grungy alley before he couldn’t hold back any longer. “Hatchoo! Ha-atchoo! Atchooooo! Hatchoo! Tchooo! Tchoo!” Each sneeze sent a fresh jet of sparks flying into the darkness. He sank to his knees with a groan. “Hah… hahtchoo! HatCHOOO!”

That seemed to be the end of it for the moment, but now his head was aching and his throat felt tight and there was really no denying that something was wrong. Also, it looked like there was a pretty strong blaze going inside one of the dumpsters. Gritting his teeth, he heaved himself to his feet and stepped back inside.

“Listen, do you have a fire extinguisher or something, I—“ he cut off, his question answered as the barman rounded on him, fire extinguisher in hand.

“You! You’re not welcome here anymore. And you owe me ten thousand dollars, that’s how much it’s going to take to repair the damages.”

“Yeah, I know, I’m really sorry about that, I—“

“Ten thousand dollars!”

“Okay, okay, geez, what do you want me to do, write you a check?”

Laura chose that moment to get in on the hate-fest, shoving him hard in the chest so he stumbled backwards. “Live dangerously!” she shrieked. “Look at this! Look at my hair, Johnny! This is living dangerously!”

“Laura, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that was going to happen, I just… heh…” he scrunched up his face, sniffing hard, and the next second he was hit with a faceful of white foam. Which effectively stopped the sneeze in its tracks, at least. He clawed at the stuff as it started to sting. “Oh Christ, my eyes! What the hell was that for, man?”

“You sneeze, I’ll spray you again. Now get out!”

Johnny didn’t need telling twice.

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FANTASTIC FOUR! It's been like centuries since I've heard that. This is awesome! :D gotta mentally bookmark this one

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@DogLover: Always a flattering reaction. And I don't think that particular smily has ever been more appropriate.

Haha, didn't think of that.

Aaawwww, Johnny...(although he was still really hot. And now me and my split personality are torn between being sympathetic and sadistic...)

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Adorable! And he set her hair on fire? Bad Johnny! Bad! But I'll forgive cuz' you're getting sick. And because you're just too cute and helpless! Mmm, the firesneezing is awesome! I can't wait for more!

BYE! :bleh:

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How did I miss this?! Because, duh, it's the Fantastic Four, but also, it's brilliant! As opposed to me, who missed it for six months....

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