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Korra Comic (Page 2/?)


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Hey guys! I recently got into the LoK fandom, and it was literally thanks to all you guys who posted the various threads around the forums lololol. Ever since that episode where Mako faked sneezed, I just had to watch that, and thus feels emerged from there. All the feels, I just cannot explain them except in gibberish.

So yeah, I'm thanking you guys for doing that. Hurrr. Here's my gratitude: a;lskdfj as;dlkfj K A;LSDKOFJ ASD.

... ANYWAYS, I was kind of (or rather, really) inspired by everyone's drabbles off in the writing section reading all of them lurking there aha that I really wanted to make a comic (//is a terrible writer mellow.png ) . It has a lot of ideas here and there that many of the drabbles had (like firesneezing, SOOOOOOO FANON THERE), so it kinda shows up one way or another.

As much as I'm doing this comic for seeing Mako suffer... like that... eheheh... I also wanted to improve my comic-creating abilities since I'm working on a doujin for a friend, so this is giving me that practice, in a sense (Plus, one of my friends wants to read this when it's complete, and is trying to motivate me to finish tonguesmiley.gif ).

To be honest, I really wanted to give up when I was coloring the second page (a habit of mine, oops. I tend to think things like these are a bad idea, so I abandon them), but I was "motivated" to continue lol.

So here you have it, a little comic of Mako.

Just to point this out there: I'm a huge Makkora shipper, but as much as I like to ship... well... anything... I like to keep things as cannon as possible. With slight hints of ships. So you might see a slight Makorra later on, and possibly another shipping. Or two. I'm not even that sure lol.


I'll update as soon as I can.

P.s. I suck at backgrounds and therefore I just left it all grey bluh

Page 1

Page 2

... I'm starting to regret posting again alskdjf ;ljasdf;s //hides under a rock and sobs

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Oh man, it's in COLOR! I totally wasn't expecting that! Ah, it's so hard to read - in a good way! blushsmiley.gif Keep it up, even though I'm embarrassed, too. XD I wanna see what happens!

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*jumps up and down in excitement* bounce.gif

This looks promising...and by promising I mean :drool:

sdfbhsjfkkbf that last panel I can't even I mean, uh, good work. More soon I hope?

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Are you kidding? Even though male sneezing isn't my thing, I think this looks amazing!! :D Mako looks awesome the way you drew him, and very good job drawing the other characters too :) You have a very very talented art style. No need to hide :hug:

I actually like this background XD. Seriously though, this is amazing to see, and I don't normally like male sneezes ^^;.

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I wish I had words to describe to you how completely amazing this comic is. I love it sooo much, and I can't thank you enough for posting it!! Fire sneezes are awesome, Makorra is lovely, and you're a great artist. How much better can it get? I absolutely cannot wait to see more~ :heart:

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Wow (^^) it looks so great! I've never seen this animation, but your art is so nice! Good luck with your doujin :) I hope you post more ~ <3

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