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Ok so this is the first time that i ever remember being attracted to a females snot lol.... So it was second grade and my teacher was doing a reading comprehension thing for me and a few other kids in the classroom. She is a beautiful lady with red hair and a thin nose.... shes a little over 5 feet tall. So she was pregnant at the time and she had very bad allergies so i guess she couldnt take medications. All of the sudden she let out a sneeze and a huge sting of snot was dangling from her nose in front of all us kids lol. I remember her blowing her nose into blue tissues and getting one of the tissues and it was soaked lol. Great times..

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Nice... wait. You were in 2nd class of primary school, you are 44 now and you still remember the color of the tissues?

One big, deep bow to your memory. :)

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