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LOTS of female tv sneezes


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Ok, so I found these a few days ago. Apparently soap operas are some of the easiest places to find sneezing. Also, I found something else that I will post later. I believe that all of these people are above 18, but if there is anything wrong, I will take this down immediately :)

(never have even HEARD of this show let alone seen it...looks pretty good though.)

...I found something else, but near the end there's a teenager, so I don't think I can show it. It appears to be from a disney show, which is weird considering everything else is totally not disney at all XD) Looks like a politician and a good looking maid are in this clip too. I don't want to upset any people though, so I'll hold off on this one.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DAppEdgrKk&feature=related (bit of warning, this one is a little weird ^^;. I wonder what show this is that does something like this though? ;))


I have one more, and it's by far the longest one, but I don't know if I should show it or not. It has Gilligan's island, Catwoman from the earlier Batman, some Scorpion heroine person, and others. Let me know if I should post this or not.

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Disney? I'd say it's fine to post it. They sound old enough. And the ones that you haven't posted I think are a-okay as well.

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If memory serves, the one you call the politician and the maid was from the soap All My Children.

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