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pizza place blow


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So i was just in a pizza place at night with a few of my friends and there was this beautiful girl about 25 years old with 2 other guys eating at a table a little bit away from us. The resteraunt is tiny so we were like right next to them. Anyways the girl was BEAUTiFUl, brown hair, probly about 5 feet tall, her nose was like small but not really skinny. So all of the sudden i heard one of the guys she was with blow his nose.. it was a honk... i looked over hoping it was the girl but was dissipointed to see that it was one of the guys. Then like a minute later i heard a loud snotty blow and looked over and i couldnt believe it ... it was the girl. Blowing her nose into a napkin... snotty sounding. She was so hot. Great night.

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i love it when beautiful girls arent afraid to just let it all go and not hold back!...its so rare though!

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