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Fanfic Request (or trade, if you'd rather)


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Long story short, my cartoon crush lives. Danny Phantom wasn't serialized long enough anyway. Someone please write me a Danny Phantom fic. LOL He dominates my mind. I can do a trade, but I'm not very up-to-date with current American goings-on (or is it going-ons, I'll never know). And I still owe someone a story. But I digress.

; A ; I just need a good dose of Danny Phantom, with a cold and a fever. and if you know me, I love me some fainting action /sadist 8D and perhaps some Sam. :> someoneshootmeplease LOL sixteen and still crushing on old Nickolodeon characters.

I shall bow down to whomever can write me a really good DP fic. and I'll add you to my long list of marriage proposals :'D

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Oh man, I loved this show when it was airing! I actually watched a few episodes last week. I'll try to whip something up this weekend!

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ladida time to order flowers for that proposal

@ThePokeFan599: V _ V as do I. may they forever live on. amen.

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How well do you know this show Emily? I actually am a big fan of it too ^^ Have you seen the episode where both Sam and Danny get sick? (Tucker too XDD, but it is mostly those two ;))

@Pokefan- Jasmine actually does sneeze in the series too :D

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I've watched every episode at least once, although that episode you speak of...eheheh :D I've watched it probably more than 5 times. not nearly enough sick Danny though :'( which is why I must request a fanfic LOL

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Emily, you are so sweet! I'm going to rewatch that scene where Danny has a cold (wow, wow he's so cute!) and then I'll get started writing tonight! Anything in particular you want to see? Or any season I should have it take place in, or anything?

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in terms of plot, I have no particular requests, but uhm, about my fetishy needs...

lalala copying and pasting my list LOL

a cold that involves -


fainting [i swear, this is like probably a whole 'nother fetish :'D]


caretaking :>

he's so adorable with a cold! :'D especially when he starts talking stuffily and he sniffles teehee

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that still maintains a crush on my childhood cartoon character. I <3 Danny Phantom. I agree, that episode needed WAY more sick Danny.

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i love danny phantom i still pretend i have ghost powers wub.png if anyone is wondering i know why the series was so short at only 3 seasons, it was released that the director overspend the budget for season 2 and season 3 and they didnt have enough money to continue. so there a piece of info for ya. turned.gif

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Hey I could write something or draw something!

But make it a trade you can write about either of this list:

Fandoms: *takes a deep breath*

FFVII *Cloud, Sephiroth, Vincent, Reno*

DNangel *Dark*

Vampire Knight *Zero*

DMC *Dante*

Castlevania *Alucard*

Super Junior *Heechul, Leeteuk, Hankyung*

Gravitation *Yuki, Ryuichi, Hiro*

Gundam Wing *Duo and Heero*

Inuyasha *Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, Naraku, Koga*

Bleach *Renji "murr" Ichigo, Byakya, Grimmjow*

Hiiro No Kakera *Tatsuma*

Vampire Diaries *Damon*

Resident Evil *Leon S Kennedy*

Girl Got Game *Eniwa*

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives *Taito*

Death Note *Kira*

Fruitsbasket *Kyo and Yuki*

Hakuouki *all of them boys rawr!*

Trinity Blood *Abel "in his demonish form"*

Supernatural *Dean*

Alot more *exhales and faints*

I have a few originals too, ty!!

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