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Huge (and insane) sneezing fit


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As you all know, it's the end of the school year. In my school that means we get to do fun end-of-the-year activities instead of going to class smile.png Today we had a Class Fun Day, which basically meant that we got to plan a fun day together out of school. My class decided to spend our day at one of the girls' houses, because she has a pool and really wanted us to come.

So anyway, we got there, had a great time dunking each other and our teacher in the pool, and then got out to dry off and start getting lunch ready. (It was barbecue. Yum!)

I'll describe the sneezer for you guys now. O is fifteen with short, dark brown hair and dark eyes. He has a nice-looking face, sort of angled but not pointy, if you get what I'm saying. His nose is ridiculously straight, I've often wasted entire classes wondering how it can actually be that straight. And as for his body, well, let's just say that he looked good in his bathing suit. Damn good.

So three of us went into the kitchen to help prepare the food. We were still in our bathing suits bleh.gif I'm standing there chopping vegetables for salad when I hear O, who was standing next to me, sniff a bit. I didn't really think anything of it since with the temperature change from getting out of the pool and having wet hair there were plenty of good reasons for that. But then, ten seconds later, he did it again. And then again. So I asked if he was okay.

"Yeah, my nose is kinda itchy, that's all," he said, rubbing at it a bit with his knuckle before washing his hands and getting back to food preparation.

I resolved to keep a stealthy eye on him ninja.gif Over the next few minutes his sniffing got wetter and and wetter, and he rubbed his nose a lot. (Thankfully, he was considerate about it and washed his hands to avoid contaminating our food tonguesmiley.gif) Eventually he got to a point where he was continually sniffling, so asked him again if he was okay.

"You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, but my nose is getting drippy. Kind of annoying," he sniffled again and rubbed his nose with his fist. He was starting to sound pretty stuffy. "Hey, R (the girl's whose house we were at), can I have a tissue?"

"Sure," she said, leaving and returning momentarily with a tissue box.

"Thadks," he said, grabbing a few and blowing his nose rather productively from the sound of it. "Ugh, that was gross, sorry." He tossed the tissues in the trash, washed his hands again and got back to work.

Two minutes later he blew his nose again, and then commented, "Ugh, how can it be dripping out my nose and completely clogging my sinuses at the same time?!"

I shrugged, not wanting to betray undue interest, and continued chopping up vegetables.

This continued right up until R asked him to get a bowl out of a low cabinet he was standing next to. He bent over to open it and then squatted down to get the bowl. Suddenly he scrambled backwards and fell. A telltale "Mrrow..." was heard as a calico cat came streaking out of the closet, brushing up against his face.

"Y-you--haahhh...hehhave aahhh CAT?!" he managed to spit out, horrified, before his hitching breath completely took over. "haaahh...hah-eehhh...heahh--ha'IIITSCHUUH!" The sneeze was powerful and he convulsed upward (the way people do when they sneeze lying on their back.)

He scrambled up into a sitting position, sneezing smaller, itchy, allergic sneezes. Nonstop.

"heh'schsh! hah'shuu! heiish! ish! ish! ish-ooo! eschoo! hah'ktshsh! heptschoo! tschh! tssch! tshsh! hashuh! SHUU! ha'aatchhh! haeshoo! etchoo! heshishsh! hak'TCHOO! hah'APTSCHYEW!!!

That last big one seemed to give him a bit of relief because he managed to look blearily up at us before starting to sneeze again, albeit not a desperately as before (though still kinda desperate).

Me and R were crouched on the floor next to him trying to figure out what to do.

"I don't think he's breathing enough," I said nervously. "Think we should try to get him outside, away from the cat?" The cat was still prowling the kitchen in agitation.

"Alright. Count of three," R said as we pulled his arms over our shoulders. "One...two...three!" We heaved and managed to get him into a standing position, but I was worried he'd fall because he's pretty heavy and he still couldn't stop sneezing.

Once we got outside we had the satisfaction of seeing everyone in our class completely speechless (that never happens) before they sprang into action, demanding to know what happened, making space for him on the blanket they were all sitting on and laughing hysterically. O could take his own weight by then, but he couldn't see that well, so we had to lead him there. He ended up curled up with his head on his girlfriend's lap.

After the sneezing mostly died down, R asked, "So, you're allergic to cats?"

"You could say that," he croaked. I winced, his throat was probably wrecked.

"What the hell happened?" D, his girlfriend, demanded.

"Apparedtly by dose freaks out whed I'b id the sabr roob as a cat for a while."

D raised her eyebrows at this, as that was definitely not enough to provoke this kind of reaction.

"Add whed the cat jubps out of a closet at be and ladds od by face."

"Um, yeah. Wow," was my intelligent comment.

Seriously, I cannot even believe this happened. I thought that kind of insane sneezing fit only happens in sneezefics...

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that was amazing, to say the least. I wish I was you now o 3 o;

speaking of sneezefics, do you write at all? I think you write really well, and your sneeze spellings are top-notch. ;) just throwing it out there if I haven't already. I KNOW for sure, I've at least thought that you would write awesome fics :D

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For some reason I was snorting with laughter the whole time I was reading this. It's just freaking crazy that stuff like that really happens. Gives me hope that one day I will witness something just as crazy. :P I actually think your comment sums it up. "Um, yeah. Wow." YEP.

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@Emily: heee, thanks! I actually do write a bit, there's some of my stuff in the Stories section.

@Scion: haha. The entire thing was so surreal, like stepping into a sneezefic.

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Wow. That is insane! You'd think the girl would mention she had a cat just in case someone had really bad allergies.. Anyway, I hope that guy is okay! Great observation! I loved it!!

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Wow. Okay, seriously, you have some of the best obs I've ever read! How are you so lucky?!

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