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I drew Heechul! :D


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Well here it is!!!

I drew this in one day *maybe 12 hours or more from sketch to finished piece*

I blame a friend of mine of Second Life who showed me a song called "Don't Don"

Thing is at first I thought it was girls singing as I think she sped the song up here http://youtu.be/wV2GUV_jx7E

Then I searched and I got this up!

I thought I was going to loose my mind *not that I had much of it to begin with XD*

That's not a boyband its a frikkin harem of goodlooking guys! and that Red head caught my eyes!

I'm deep into the SuJu pit now and I don't want to be saved!!

I decided to try and draw Heechul biggrin.png


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