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Alright, so, Glee's out for summer. :( But it will continue in Autumn~ :D and there's something I need to explain first:

When Glee continues it's going to take place in New York/Ohio. So, Rachel and Santana will still be in the show. Not sure about everyone else. I mean, I know they're all gonna be in the show, but I'm not sure if they're gonna be in it very often. I know Rachel is gonna be in it every episode (which is awesome. She's adorable.) and I'm hoping that Santana will have gone to New York (well actually I hope she went to Kentucky because I don't think it would be very likely that they'd both make it big in NY, but I'm just hoping for that. Also she got a scholarship, and she would be a great lawyer.) But, in my world they're in New York. And they're best friends. They call/video chat Brittany, Quinn, and all the others every day. They're all really happy.

Also, there's going to be a new female member of New Directions, and a new male member. The male member is 16 years old. And he's Puck's little brother~ :3 Blaine and Tina are the leaders of ND. (I want this<<)

So, I decided that:

Puck's brother's name is Jonah Christopher Puckerman. He's 16 and he plays guitar. He goes by J.C. ((cause "J.C. Puckerman" sounds like a cool name :D )) He's around 5'8 but he's not done growing yet. He is a little bit thinner than Puck but muscular, he's getting "broader" every day (he's still growing). He has green eyes like Puck, and he has curly black hair that's short (kinda Schuester-y), but he keeps it straightened like Artie's but more straight. the same nose as Puck(of course), and the same green eyes. He's tan-ish. He's a sophomore. He's also got black-rimmed glasses that look sexy on him, but he only wears them sometimes. He's got allergies to nearly everything and gets ill easily (at least in my universe ; ) ) He doesn't like to look weak because he's a grade A badass, just like his brother. He dresses the way Puck does, but with more plaid and flannel shirts more often (cause that's sexy). He looks up to his big brother. C:

The new girl's name is Mary Lynne Prince (I almost accidentally named her Mary Sue xDDD). She's 16 as well. She's a great singer, but she's mostly a wonderful dancer. She's 5'6. She's got straight, light brown hair that goes down to her shoulders and flips at the bottom like she's in the 1950's sort of. She's got light brown eyes. She's on the lighter-skinned side. Dancer's body- very smal, delicate, and toned. She's got allergies too but not as bad, and is prone to illness, but not that much. She usually wears dresses like Quinn. She's also like, beeest friends with Puck. Because she's like, Jonah's best friend, and she always used to come over and play with him and Noah when they were little, but then they kind of grew apart when she started liking girlier things. She looks up to Brittany, since she's such a great dancer. So things are kinda awkward with these two's relationship. She's also got cute, black rimmed glasses. (I like glasses, in case you didn't realize)

Oh ya and if I didn't already mention this Santana and Rachel are living together in a NYC appartment in my version of things.

Those are my new characters (wel they're not mine they're foreshadowings of what I want the new characters to be like)

With all that settled, I shall begin.

I'm using http://100-prompts.livejournal.com/692.html.

I'll warn you, my "drabbles" are more like ficlets. As in, they're kinda long.

These are my prompts:

001. Threat 002. Empire 003. Falter 004. Compliment 005. Glass 006. Honour 007. Work 008. Jealous 009. Strings 010. Semantics 011. Innocence 012. Dispose 013. Blaze 014. Neglect 015. Quake 016. Guess 017. Quarrel 018. Brood 019. Effort 020. Now 021. Solve 022. Rest 023. Soon 024. Listen 025. Haze 026. Excite 027. Verbal 028. Fragment 029. Inert 030. Classic 031. Animal 032. Jagged 033. Strange 034. Measure 035. Ashes 036. Leave 037. Fit 038. Elusive 039. Painstaking 040. Unfold 041. Wrap 042. Friend 043. Swift 044. Seasons 045. Need 046. On Time 047. Trip 048. Powder 049. Locker 050. Fragrance

My first ficlet is kind of special. It has a New York version, and an Ohio version. So it's kind of like two really long ficlets. These are in no way drabbles of any sort. I failed miserably at keeping things drabble-length. :>

Title: Falter

Characters: NY- Rachel(cold)/Santana. OH- Jonah(sensitivity)/Mary


"This performance is very, very important to your grades. It counts for 60%. Next Thursday I'll be grading you on your individual performances, by yourselves. If you're planning on being a performer, you're going to have to perform for me individually. You all had good auditions, so this should be fairly easy." Ms. Tibedeau would have said more, if she had not been interrupted by a series of small sniffles from a corner at the head of the class. She stopped her lecture and crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at the petite girl with her head in her hands. It was October. It was just getting cold in New York, but it was a lot colder than October in Ohio. Rachel was wearing lightwash skinny jeans and a grey sweater- she had traded in her bobby socks and school girl skirts. She blushed and shrugged, stopping the sniffles.

"Thank you, Ms. Berry, for allowing me to interrupt. As I was saying, this assignment is quite important. I'll be sending in orders for costumes at 1:30 PM promptly tomorrow, so I'll want your exact measurements emailed to me or on my d-" This time, the interruption was not in the form of a sniffle, but a soft, suffocated "Heh'mpsh!" buried into the thick, grey sleeves of Rachel Berry's sweater.

"Get out of my classroom. We don't need your illness a week before the show. Out!" Ms. Tibedeau ordered, pointing her in the direction of the door. She knew what that meant. Out. . So she was out the door and back to Santana and her's apartment. Where there's nothing to do. This was her last class of the day. There was no point going back to school, not with all the dirty looks and glares. She glanced at the clock. 5:30. At least 3 1/2 hours until Santana would be coming home. She would go to rehearsal, but Tibedeau might pass out at the sight of her. So, she prepared herself to watch 4 hours of Friends, on DVD. A gift from her dads. She only got through a half hour , though. The next thing she knew she was laid comfortably in bed, the covers tucked snuggly around her. Her eyes shifted to the source of light next to her. The sight was unfocused, but she could clearly make out Santana in pink bunny button-up pajamas, and matching slippers, reading. She looked adorable rocking back and forth in her glasses. Like a mini-granny. Rachel opened her mouth and tried to say something, but a growing tickle in the back of her nose commanded her otherwise. She unleashed a petite "Hi'chiew!" into cupped hands, followed by a less exaggerated "H'chxgt!" Santana turned to face her immediately, smiling and getting up.

"Bless you," she said through laughter, stretching. Rachel relaxed in her bed, sniffling again. She looked at the clock. It was 7.

"How come you're home early? When did you get here?" she asked, scrubbing at her nose.

" A half hour ago. You weren't answering any of my texts, so I figured either there was a fire or a terrorist attack and I needed to come home. Turns out you were just out cold on the couch, all sniffly and shivering. And I got your sweet ass into bed." Rachel smiled her appreciation.

"That's very sweet, but you really didn't need to jeapordize your career to take care of me every time I catch a sniffle. And I don't want to risk you getting sick, too. If I'm sick and I mess up, it's okay, I'm still in school. It's different with you, you're out in the "real world" already. I can't have you missing work for me, Peters will kill you, I know what he's like.

"Rachel, it's fine. Everyone takes sick days. And you know what, I am gonna get sick. But I don't care. You feel warm, and there's no way I'm leaving you alone when you have a fever. And don't even think about trying to go to school tomorrow."


"No buts. You're sick. You're staying home tomorrow, and I'm staying with you." Rachel pouted, but she was too tired to whine. She knew Santana was right. Overworking your body when it's infected was never a good idea. So she just sighed into her pillows, soaking in the warmth of her bed.

"You're so catching this."


"So, it's a stomp forward to the right, then a crawl sideways to the left, with head turns in the opposite directions each time. And remember to look detached and broken with your dancing," Brittany instructed. She then walked through the moves with Blaine, pulling off their best zombie moves.

"Great job, guys! Let's try it," Mr. Schue said enthusiastically, as always. The group practiced the moves. They seemed to finally be getting the hang of it. It was Jonah's first lead of the year. He was so excited that it was MCR. He nearly jumped up and down when he found out they'd be doing a Zombie Apocalypse theme this week.

The music started up again, and they all got into place. He tried to ignore the growing itch tickling at the tip of his nostrils.

"Have you heard the n-news that your dead-

No one ever had m-much to say-

I thhhhink they n-never like- 'Huh'itshu!'" Jonah cupped his hands over his mouth to fail to suppress an itchy sneeze. A laughter-clouded "bless you," sounded from the corner, where a grinning Mary Prince gave her friend a thumbs up.

"Sorry, Schue," he said, embarrassedly. Great way to impress the teacher, sneeze halfway through the first phrase of your first solo.

"No worries, J.C. It's hayfever season. Let's try the beginning part again." Jonah contorted his face, trying to get rid of the sneeze that was still lingering.


And if your heart stops beating-

I'll be hear wondering--

Did you get what you deserved?-

The ending of your life-

And if you get to heaven- Jonah's nostrils still twitched with every word

I'll be here waiting - 'Huh'tshxgt!' 'Uh-chh!'" Perfect. He turned around to look apologetically at the rest of the group, through watery eyes.

"Bless," this time it came from his left, from Blaine, who walked up to him. "You feelin' okay, buddy?" he asked. He was the leader of the group, and he was always looking out for the others. It reminded him of how Noah was to Sarah and him when they were growing up.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just sneezed a couple times, I'm not- 'hih'schu!' dying," he shrugged it off with laughter. He knew he should probably tell Schuester he couldn't go through with the lesson, but it was fucking zombies. How could he pass that up?

"Alright then, let's take it from the top again." The music started up again.


And if your - 'itschu!'

I'll be hear w-w-hhh

hhhihh-what you deserved

The- 'itschu!' 'hhitsch!'"

"Ugh, this isn't working," Blaine's tean co-captain, Tina, groaned from her spot to his right. Everyone looked at him. "We can't make it look convincing if J.C. keeps sneezing every time we do this number No offense, J.C.- but it just isn't going to work. It's like he's allergic to zombies."

"I'm not allergic to zombies, I "itshu!" promise!" he argued, sniffling. A lightbulb went off in Mary's head.

"He's just allergic to zombie makeup," she cut in, walking over to him. "Now I remember. It was Halloween. We were five. I was Dorothy, Jonah was Tinman, and Noah was Scarecrow. You two were sneezing like crazy the entire time, and now that I think of it, it was probably because of the makeup. Must be genetics."

"Yeah, I remember Puck had the same problem when we did the mashup at the football game last year. J.C., why didn't you say anything?"

"I forgot, that was ages ago. I'm surprised Mary even remembers that," he admitted in between sniffles. " But I mean we can - 'heh'etsch!' we can still do the number. Noah still did that mashup. I remember, I was there. How did you pull that one off?"

"I think I remember Rachel whining about that," Artie cut in, remembering back to the awesome number he led in his sophomore year. "She said something about hypo-allergenic face makeup."

"Oh, yeah! I went with her to get it. Problem solved, I'll go get some this weekend, then we can still do the number!" Tina announced, smiling brightly.

"So, then we can still do zombies?" Brittany asked, hopeful.

"Yes, we can still do zombies. Without leaving J.C. out." everyone clapped and cheered, before commencing with the sneezy rehearsal.


Sorry, I know it's a little jagged around the edges and kinda mediocre, but I haven't gotten back in the hang of drabbles, I've been writing non-stop essays and papers for an entire school year. :/ but I'll get better, I promise. xP

If you guys have any suggestions, please tell. I'll do pretty much anything you ask, as long as it's in Season 4, and as long as it's Glee (of course!).

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Thank you, thank you~ :3

I thought it would be unloved but I guess I was wrong~ *pleased*

I'll get to writing more often. I don't have other stuff to do, for once.....

((notice how i only write during Summer. T.T))

I'm busy today but I'll probably write tomorrow :P

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