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Kudos to matilda3948


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I want to give a shout out and a great big kudos to matilda for her amazing YouTube vids and for her fantastic stories, and all in all for being awesome! :heart:


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I strongly second this!


(Not sure why that ended up in here. Possibly because I associate it with awesomeness.)

(^^I'm stoned on Benadryl...)

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I will give kudos as well! Wonderful recordings, obs and stories and such!

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Matilda is AMAZING!!! Some of the most BEAUTIFUL sneezes ever published. I agree with all comments here ten-fold. Keep up the great work, Matilda, and bless you so much.wub.png

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thanks matilda for trading so many CM stories with me and writing the team so well. you're awesome and your wavs are unbelievable!

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I wholeheartedly agree with everything said previously, and would like to add that, on top of everything else, you have a lovely voice.

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I started listening to those wav videos because I was searching for some new material to enjoy, and I must say I was very impressed by them. I love your buildups and how desperate your allergy sneezes sound. Kudos to you and may you make many more wavs for your fanbase here.

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