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Maybe the most beautiful sneezes I've ever heard?


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Ok, this one's a special observation...at least to me. I've been reporting on sneezes from ladies in my office and trying to place the sneeze with the lady. I've noticed a couple of other similar posts out there too...one from NoV here recently that probably he can relate to pretty well. Anyway, today I was out in the office area where the "new" ladies are and I heard one sneeze that I'd heard before. I looked over and at the corner of my eye I noticed it was coming from the lady I thought...she is an attractive and slender lady, very pretty, kind of quiet. I've run into her a couple of times and she is very nice, even let her borrow my umbrella once while it was raining real bad. Finally saw her sneeze today...sounds like ssschoo, sssschoooo, sssschooo. She often sneezes twice, sometimes even more, and usually in fairly rapid succession. When I saw her today, she sneezed twice (first time around), the second one I noticed really hit her hard, causing her to lean in at the waist and bend her neck, and the sneeze was really harsh. Again as usual, I was too involved with other stuff and sort of too far away to say bless you without it looking very obvious or curious, but I would have in a heartbeat if I could have. Later that afternoon, two more sneezes, but I was back in my office. I could have just melted...literallyblushing.gif . Could well have been some of the most beautiful sneezes I've ever heard (ok, Matilda and some others from this forum are right up there as well, no question). I almost had to go outside for a few minutes and stand in the afternoon shower we were having outside...wouldn't have bothered me in the least. Took me about five minutes to recover from those two beautiful sneezes from a very pretty lady and be able to focus on my work again.

What interests me the most on this observation is that, in addition to the obvious interest and excitement I had of the actual sneezes (as do all of us sneeze fetishists, I assume), but as also a part of the fetish, it really brought out the caring and empathy part in me in seeing and hearing her sneeze...particularly the one that seemed to hit her so hard (I really felt badly for her on that sneeze). Yet you really can't show that in an office setting, and for other reasons as well, it would be hard for me. This is a wonderful fetish, this sneeze fetish, but it also can be a bit difficult at times, as I'm sure all of you have felt from time to time. I also think that is what makes this fetish something so much more than solely some kind of self satisfying endeavor...the people who have been blessed (or afflicted, depending upon your viewpoint) with this interest are truly very caring and compassionate people. Have to be proud of being part of that, right?

Anyway, probably need to focus more on my work from now on, but if the opportunity does arise to at least say "bless you" to this wonderful lady when she sneezes, I will definitely show some courtesy and concern toward her. And then share the experience with the rest of the sneeze brethren here. Would enjoy hearing some thoughts on this particular observation from the SFF members.

Thanks for listening...take care, and keep on sneezing folks!

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