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I was just watching the new NBC thingie, "Justin Bieber: All Around the World" and in part 2, he blew a transformer during a concert at the Apollo theater in New York. And there was lots of smoke backstage...which prompted hottie to let out the hottest cough I have ever seen in my entire freakin life!! I can't find a clip of it.

And I'm sorry for the people out there who don't have the cough fetish, but for those who do, "Justin Bieber: All Around the World, Part 2" has a very, very, VERY enjoyable cough. yes.gif

I freakin loved it. If anyone can find a nice clip?? I'd wuv you forever!!!! wub.png

Anyways, sorry if I just wasted your time, but I thought someone might wanna know. Bye!! Take care, everyone!!

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I think this belongs in the related fetishes part of the forum, just sayin'. :D

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