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"Alright, does anybody know the answer?"

But the class just sat there quietly, as usual, again stumped by one of Ms. Mordan's horrendously difficult and specific questions.

"If nobody raises their hands, I'm going to pick on somebody at random! …Very well, you asked for it… … Jeremy! Stand up and tell us the answer, please."

My friend to the left of me perked up, then sighed heavily, putting down his pencil and closing his notebook over his doodles. I smiled slightly as he stood; I could tell he hadn't really been paying attention and had no idea what the answer was. Maybe he didn't even know what the question was - that was classic Jeremy for you. He opened his mouth, glancing around the room blankly. He looked at me nervously for a second, but I just shrugged my shoulders. Jeremy always managed to get out of speaking up in class, even if it meant bothering the teacher to no end. I was certain he would be able to do it again.

"Ah, the answer! It is… No, I know it, Ms. M, don't look at me that way! It's…" I almost laughed out loud as he floundered. He did this all the time but the class never got tired of his antics. "Alright, the answer, I know this… It's…" Suddenly he winced. "It's… Ah…" He brought a hand to his face. "I'm going to sneeze."

The teacher leaned forward. "Pardon?"

"I'm going to s-sneeze."

Ms. Mordan blinked, then rolled her eyes. "…Right. Of course. We'll wait for you then, Jeremy."

I could tell the teacher was tired of his excuses and, however impatiently, was prepared to take all the time in the world to get a response out of him. Besides, Jeremy probably needed it - it was safe to say his class participation was suffering. Jeremy stood there, his expression contorting under his supposed need to sneeze, and he quickly rubbed a finger beneath his nostrils. The class just watched as his nose twitched, but still he was unable to produce a single sneeze.

"Any day now, Jeremy…"

"I-I'm trying! I-It won't… Ah…" Jeremy's nose twitched, and he looked desperate enough that I began to wonder if he was acting or not. "AUGH! I can feel it! It tickles so bad! Why can't I sneeze?!"

"Please just give us the answer, Jeremy, how is it that you've already managed to waste three minutes of class time?"

"Ah… aheh… I… I'm serious! I really have to sneeze!"

But Ms. Mordan reached her limit faster than I expected. She pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose with her ring finger in annoyance. "I don't care anymore. Just sit down, Jeremy, it's your grade that's suffering, not mine. Somebody please pick up where he left off? Anyone?"

Sniffing and rubbing at his nose, Jeremy sat back into his seat as the teacher chose some other unlucky soul. I couldn't help but smirk at him, but he immediately shook his head. "No, I'm serious!" he hissed at me. "My nose itches so bad!"

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, it really does! I-!" Suddenly he froze, the corners of his mouth turning in, his eyes beginning to water. His eyelids fluttering half-closed, I could tell he was trying to coax out the reaction with hitching breaths. I watched as his brow furrowed, his nostrils flared.. "Ah… yes, I-think-it's-coming- ah… hehh… hehhh… Hnn-! …HAA-TSCHUU!"

As soon as he released he pumped his fists in the air and the other students turned their heads quickly. I couldn't help but start laughing quietly in my seat - he was so proud over his big sneeze but Ms. Mordan was about to murder him.

"Yes! Finally! I told you I had to sneeze!"

"Jeremy! Be quiet! This is NOT acceptable!"

"Sorry, Ms. M! But I told you s-!"

"Since you're so keen on speaking up, perhaps you can now answer the question?"

"What?! No way-!"

Out of excuses now, Jeremy had no choice but to admit he didn't know and deal with being asked to stay after class ended. But at least this time he was left with a small ounce of pride: his need to sneeze was real after all, it was no longer plaguing his nose, and for once in his life, he didn't get out of something by lying.

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*giggles* This was ubberly cute. Short, but really cute. I love how pumped Jeremy is after the sneeze, that reaction seemed to fit him perfectly. And the last paragraph: AW! XD <3

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:D it's oddly refreshing to read something like this after all the plot I've been reading

yeah, I think we all need something like this

keep going, I like this! :D

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Nice and original, this fictional observation. I like the situation too. Well done :)

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