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Does using the PM system include receiving messages, or just sending them?

Isla DeFlores

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All the help resources I have read mention not having access to or using the PM system until you've reached the correct membership level. But I'm a little unclear on whether this means I can'tsend OR receive messages, or whether I simply can't send them. In other words, can a full member send me a PM if he/she chooses (I just wouldn't be able to reply)?

Similarly, I know I can't view profiles yet. But can members who have that privilege view mine?


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From what I understand, you cannot access the PM function at all. It means you cannot send or receive messages and validated members cannot send PM to you either.

And validated members can view your profile, yes.


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Chanel is right :) Until you reach 'Newbie' or 'Poster' status or above then you're unable to either send or recieve PMs. As I understand it, though I have to admit I haven't tested it, there is nothing to stop a fully validated member PM-ing you, but you won't be able to read it until you are validated.

Additionally you are not able to view any profiles including your own, however any fully validated member can view your profile. You can however, if you were not aware already, edit what is displayed in your profile as explained in this post:


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