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Plants are vulnerable to the cold


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Aww, it's very cute! I love her expressions.

I've never actually seen this show, but I always think this character is adorable when I see her. xD

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I thought she was a Gardevoir at first! I'm glad she wasn't - because that makes it less weird for me to like it. x) (Don't get me wrong, I love gardevoir)

She's very cute. In an innocent, oh, no!-way...

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0_0 thank you. Seriously, thank you SO SO much for this!!!!!!!! I have wanted to see Cosmo sneeze...for a long time *blush* I can totally see her sneezing like this too :) Very very good job with all three of these pictures :D I like her better like this than what she grew into before she...left :(. She still remains one of my favorite characters in the Sonic world :D I love how you spelled out her sneeze :), and I don't mind it being just a lineart :) Maybe you could color it if you wanted later while I'm gone, but I really enjoy it now. Thank you again for this :D I wasn't expecting you to work as hard as you did, and I can tell you spent time and worked hard with it :)

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