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Chris Hemsworth on Home & Away (as Kim Hyde)


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Fraggle gave me the link to the part of a Home & Away episode where Chris Hemsworth's character, Kim Hyde, catches a cold from being in cold waters and sneezes. wub.png

Don't get too excited, though. The quality's not very good. The sneeze is acted, too, so you know how that is.

It's also not the sneeze I would expect from this man lol. It's rather small and adorable. :3

But anyways. Link:

Sneeze is around 2:08. It's super small, and it's adorable cause he kind of covers his mouth with a towel. smile.png Also the way the girl blesses him is adorable....it's just alltogether cute.

Also an adorable sniffle around 1:53. (and another adorable sniffle directly afterwards, but it's off-camera)

Oh yeah, also at around 1:22 he complains about it being "freezing." wub.png I just love him.

As you can tell, I watched the video more than once. xD Enjoy~

Oh yeah.....did I mention he's shirtless? xD

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Oh, that was adorable! I love the way he buries it in the towel, and the sheepish smile he gives when she blesses him. Too cute!

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Haha you're right-- that was very unexpected out of him! Irresistible nonetheless.. just... that was really cute. God, that was cute.

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Oh my God. It's so teeny tiny. I have never heard anything more adorable.

And his slightly stuffy voice! Argh! Adorable!

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I cant stop laughing. I mean, yes, it was stupid adorable. BUT JUST THE TINIEST, MOST GENTLE SNEEZE.

I find it hilarious. oh my god. Not even a cat sneeze....thats like a kitten sneeze.

Makes me wonder what his actual sneezes sound like.

Anyway, his sheepish smile is pretty cute too.

bahahahaha....cant stop.

Ahem. Apologies. I need sleep apparently.

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