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Has anyone ever mocked the way you sneeze?


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Oh god just earlier, my mother sneezed >_> and then my little sister randomly goes on to imitating how everyone sneezes in the house.

Including me...i stifle them but some do get away to half stifles (i honestly have no idea how to let me sneezes go anymore i've lost my ability to do that lol)

ugh it was SOOOOO awkward. I just wanted a black hole to suck me in. Good thing i had my little doggie to hid my face behind from embarrassment lol

has this ever happened to you?

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yep, occasionally if i try and stifle a big one it comes out but sounds like one of those cute delicate girly sneezes,

my gf always mocks me when that happens

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The sounding of my sneeze has never been mocked, but I have been mocked for the frequency I sneeze, friends are always like ' omg you sneeze too much'. My friends have also took a disliking to my use of hankies too saying ' they are gross'. I don't take it to personal though!

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I've sort of resigned myself to the fact that I'll never have my ideal female sneeze, but a friend of mine likes to comment on how gross it is, which makes me wonder if she would bring it up less or more in the unlikely event that I tell her about the fetish.

Awkwardness all around. :P

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Oh yeah...One time when I was in England.

A friend of mine and me were walking down the street and I did the mistake to look into the sun

which made my nose tickle like crazy. I sort of stifled the sneeze, but it came out anyway and I made a sound like a mouse *blush*

Oh gosh, she laughed at me and was like "Was that a sneeze?"

I just blushed and didn't say anything.

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My friends frequently imitate how each other sneeze and also how they themselves sneeze. It's usually self-deprecating and in good fun though, and I don't think they've ever seen my sneeze and my sneezes are rather neutral anyway, so I'm safe haha. Honestly I find this thing kind of funny mostly, because it's like, oh right, normal people do sometimes notice sneezes after all.

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No, because A. I don't sneeze much and B. I only let sneezes out when no one is home or my family is around and they have all heard me do it.

When I was eight in grade 3, a redheaded girl sneezed once while the teacher was out of the room. It didn't sound like a a normal sneeze or a stife, sort of half a gurgle. Most of the class snickered when they heard it, which left her in tears. I never heard or saw her sneeze again that year while in school.

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ugh it happened again just a few minutes ago...my mom happened to mention how this morning my little cousin sneezed on my dad's sandwich but she didn't tell my dad. (she was having like an allergy attack so no germs but still gross nonetheless) but yeah

then my sister (AGAIN >_>) goes on to imitate how my dad, my mom and how I sneeze. ugh i wanted to just die. >_>

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