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I work in an office and it's pretty much the epitome of boring. There's rarely anything happening of interest, and so when I got here this morning, I didn't really expect there to be some guys in the next room. They look like they're about in their late 20s to mid 30s, one more heavy set and of average height. The other is taller with very short blond hair and sort of droopy eyes, for lack of a better description.

This morning I was caught pretty off guard when one of them - I think it was the latter guy, but I haven't seen - sneezed a quick ptSChuu! It's exactly the kind of sneeze I like - not too strong, but not held back either.

I heard a similar one about an hour later while I was in the middle of talking to someone. At that point, I kind of tripped over my words and tried not to blush or concentrate on the fact that not only had this guy graced me with an amazing sneeze once, but twice!

I left for lunch, came back, and not even an hour after I sat down again, I hear Hhshhmmph! Twice. Muffled, but not quiet, and spaced a couple minutes apart. Not terribly long after, I had to go in the room to look for a form right next to this guy. I'm pretty sure I was blushing madly, hoping the angle of my face prevented either of them from seeing it.

Since then, I've been hearing him sniffle every few minutes, and I'm trying to listen to his voice. Every time he speaks someone shuffles papers or something, so it's really hard to hear if he's actually congested or if I'm just imagining it. Or if he has allergies or a cold. Either way, I'm enjoying the day more than I normally would. :P

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I am mostly a loner but there are couple of reasons why I like to be around people... :)

Thanks for sharing!

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