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summer cold (self, f)


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woke up wednesday with a summer cold. Nothing too bad.. headache, slightly runny/stuffy nose and a light sneezy feeling that due to a good mental block allowed me to only sneeze twice (2 singles maybe 4 hours apart) while at work when I was alone in my office and muffled into a tissue. Got home and my SO had people over so 3 more hours of not sneezing but did have to go to the bathroom a few times to blow my nose. Finally they went out and I had the house to myself. Normally I sneeze in singles once a day or every other day with a rare double maybe once every 2 weeks. Since my nose was still itchy I decided to grab a tissue and induce, fully expecting to only get a single sneeze.

I slowly inserted the end into my right nostril and began to twirl it.. instead of the normal minute or two the effect was an almost immediate ACCHOOOOO wait I'm going to sneeze again AACCHOOOOOO an uncovered double the itch came right back for another ACCHOOOOO AACCHOOOOOO identical to the first. I blew my nose and decided to try again. This resulted in a triple with about 5 seconds between sneezes again I blew my nose which triggered a 4th. 8 sneezes in under 5 minutes. I dont normally get 8 in a week!

At work thursday I was happily alone in my office and gave into many of the tickles. Racked up 7 sneezes into tisue (all singles) over the course of the day. Spent the evening with friends so again the mental block kept the sneezes at bay.

Today I''m off work and I have the house to myself and again my nose is more sensitive to inducing than normal but the buildups are also longer which I'm actually enjoying because they are resulting in little fits of 3-5 with a few second in between.. I'm also sneezing fairly regular non-induced doubles.

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do you want to borrow my handkerchief?

it'll last longer than all those tissues you're using..

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Very nice self observation...love the details. Bless you, and keep us updated on your sneezing. Sounded great!

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Lots of nice sneezes, thanks for sharing them with us, hope you feel better soon :)

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Wow! I was enjoying those sneezes so much I forgot you were also suffering from a cold. I hope you did too!

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