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There's no store in Florida that sells Women's handkerchiefs!

Ali Marie

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This is an awful, awful state to live in! I can't find one store in Florida that sells Women's hankerchiefs, they are all men's!!! crybaby.gif

The only place that sells them is Target. The handkerchiefs they sell there come with ties & cufflinks...which I have no use for....


A little help finding a store in Florida that sells Handkerchiefs for Women???

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Not much help I know, not being from the US, but I had a search online for you and I'm afraid that it's just male hankies they sell over there Alexandra! Would you consider using men's ones? The only other option is Internet orders sorry :( not much help I'm afraid :(

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Just tried looking for you, and all I could find was a place in Melbourne, Florida called Gerbrend Creations. They have a specific section for men's handkerchiefs, but the other handkerchief sections are filled with gorgeous feminine-looking ones. Seems you can even order from them online, as I'm not sure how close you would be to Melbourne. I hope this helps a little!

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The bay is always a good place to buy ladies handkerchiefs Alexandra. Only problem is there are so many choose from, a major headache!

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make a petition about it

and even try get tissues banned

Not a chance.. Florida is a progressive state. :) Although there are enough bluehairs in Tampa to sway the vote...

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